Franchise as a business model is not yet sufficiently recognized in Croatia, but we have excellent domestic examples that are conquering the global market

first_imgPrecisely in order to bring together companies that operate on the Croatian market according to the principle of the franchise business model, but also those interested in such business, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce organized the 1st Franchise Forum 2019.  Secrets of how to successfully place a brand on the international market were revealed to the audience by a renowned world franchise broker Joel Silverstein, Romana Matanovac Vučković, professor at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, and Hedda Martina Šola, director of the Neuromarketing Institute, assistant professor at the University of Herzegovina, spoke about the importance of intellectual property in franchising and market injuries. The franchise industry is extremely strong in the world, with 7,6 million jobs directly related to the franchise industry with a turnover of a staggering $ 674.3 billion, accounting for as much as 2,5% of total U.S. GDP. Although there are currently about two hundred franchise systems in Croatia with about 17 employees, we are still at the bottom of the list if we compare ourselves with other countries. CARWIZ BECAME A CROATIAN TOURIST EXPORT PRODUCT! THROUGH THE FRANCHISE MODEL IT IS EXPANDING TO THE GLOBAL MARKET  Andrija Čolak, Surf’n’Fries / Photo: HGK HOLLYWOOD FRANCHISE OPENED MUSEUM By the way, Andrija Čolak is after ten years of great experience with Surf’n’Fries founded the first agency for consulting in the franchise business in tourism. Vice President of the Franchise Business Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Ljljana Kukec drew attention to the importance of this sector when it comes to employment. “Franchising is a generator of a sustainable economy. It has created one million and one hundred thousand companies. According to statistics, more than 50 percent of the world’s retail sales are realized in the franchise sector. More than 300 industries are represented by the franchise business, and there are about 24 and a half thousand franchisors in the world, of which more than half are global brands.”  RELATED NEWS: FRANCHISE IN TOURISMcenter_img FROM POMFREE BAR TO A GLOBAL FRANCHISE IN 10 YEARS. AWAKE DREAM Andrija Čolak, vice-president of the Franchise Business Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, explained the advantages of franchising for both providers and franchisors. “We, who started the company in 27 square meters would never have the capital to open 60 stores around the world. This is how the franchisors invested that capital, and therefore, since it is their capital, the commitment is greater than working for a salary. According to some research, franchisors work up to 30 percent better than employed managers”, Said Čolak and added as an advantage their knowledge of the market and culture in the countries where they open a franchise, which further reduces the risk of doing business.  / / / ANDRIJA ČOLAK OPENS THE FIRST AGENCY FOR CONSULTING IN FRANCHISE BUSINESS IN TOURISM – CFCG ANDRIJA ČOLAK, SURF’N’FRIES: RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF MOBILE SURF’N’FRIES STANDS IS 45 DAYS  MUSEUM OF ILLUSION THROUGH THE FRANCHISE MODEL CONQUERS AMERICA AND SOON THE WHOLE WORLD MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS AS A CROATIAN TOURIST EXPORT PRODUCT: 16TH MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS OPENS IN SHANGHAI “We have good examples that have achieved significant success in foreign markets, for example: Galeb, Surf’n’Fries, Museum of Illusions, Place2Go, CarWiz and Direct Booker, but our entrepreneurs still do not recognize this form of business as a model of their development. on giving or receiving a franchise. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce estimates that the future development of this model depends on good education of businessmen, financial institutions, legal experts, but also on various forms of support for entrepreneurs.”, Said the vice president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Josip Zaher. last_img

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