Agony of Defeat

first_imgHow many of you remember the old sport show called Wide World of Sports?  It was on long before anybody heard of ESPN.  The “agony of defeat” was exemplified by a skier falling off the end of a ski jump and crashing. This was the beginning of each show.  The “agony of defeat” could easily be seen because the skier was obviously hurt by the accident.  How about the emotional part of a defeat?Athletes put a lot of effort in training into their sport these days.  Some are naturals and win all the time.  How about the young boy/girl who works just as hard but comes in out of the awards each time?  It takes a good coaching staff and family support to keep these young athletes from getting depressed.  If you were ever an athlete, I am sure you remember certain defeats more than a lot of your wins.  I still remember my last baseball game when I missed stealing second base.  We not only lost the game, but we lost the conference as well.  I had the base stolen but my spikes got caught in the mud and I stopped one foot from reaching second base.  This is not the way I envisioned finishing my high school athletic career.last_img read more

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