UN human rights chief hails new pact to protect Africas displaced

23 October 2009Human RightsThe United Nations human rights chief today welcomed a new treaty to protect and assist those uprooted from their homes due to conflict and natural disasters in Africa, which accounts for nearly half of the world’s 26 million internally displaced persons (IDPs). “The endorsement of the Convention on the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa marks a significant step forward in filling the unfortunate vacuum that has traditionally been the lot of internally displaced people,” said High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.The new treaty was endorsed today at the special summit of heads of State of the African Union (AU), held in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. “It is very good to see Africa taking a leadership role in creating the first legally-binding instrument to protect and assist internally displaced persons across the continent,” Ms. Pillay said. Millions of Africans – in countries such as Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Somalia and Sudan – are displaced due to conflict and natural disasters. Ms. Pillay noted that people who flee persecution or conflict and cross into another country are categorized as refugees and, as such, benefit from a long-standing international legal protection system, including the 1951 Refugee Convention.“But, until now, internally displaced people have been more or less excluded from the system of international legal protection, even though they are often displaced in exactly the same way, and for exactly the same reasons, as refugees.“At least in Africa, that should no longer be the case,” she stated, adding that she hoped the other regions will be inspired to take similar action. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Convention is ground-breaking in that it is the first, legally binding instrument to define – on a continental scale – the responsibilities that States and even armed groups have to protect and assist their own uprooted citizens. “Beyond armed conflict, the Convention covers major causes of displacement, including obligations that governments have toward their citizens fleeing natural and man-made disasters and people removed from their land when development projects take over,” said UNHCR spokesperson Andrej Mahecic.“People forced to flee will find in the Convention the full range of rights they should be entitled to – before, during and after displacement.”At least 15 AU member States will have to ratify the Convention before it can enter into force. read more

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Markets update

On the markets at 9:50 a.m. (ET):In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index was down 83.81 points to 15,180.83.The Dow Jones industrial average was down 66.60 points to 21,545.18.The Standard & Poor’s 500 index was down 4.98 points to 2,468.47.The Nasdaq composite index was down 12.44 points to 6,377.56.The Canadian dollar was trading at 79.62 cents US, down from Thursday’s average price of 79.46 cents US.

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Government says it achieved victory in Geneva

However he said, on the contrary, the report has proposed a hybrid court court which is yet to be properly defined. The Prime Minister said the international community is behind the proposal by the new Government to establish a credible domestic process to investigate the allegations on the war and so the Government will go ahead with that process.President Maithripala Sirisena, who was also at the briefing, said the international community would have insisted on hard strictures and conditions on Sri Lanka in the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, if not for the change of government in Presidential Election of January 8 this year. The Government says it achieved victory in Geneva as the report released by the UN on incidents related to the war was not a threat to the country.Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, speaking to media heads today, said that the Government is committed to go ahead with a domestic process to address the concerns in the report. “The international community is satisfied with the actions taken by the government towards restoration of rights, media freedom, good governance and other positive steps of the new government and it has positively reflected in the UNHRC report, he said.President Sirisena said if there was no change of government, the report would have posed severe difficulties to the country. Fortunately for the country and the people, the international community came to our support, taking into consideration the positive directions taken by the new government and adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution to take country back to the democratic path. (Colombo Gazette) He said that earlier there were concerns the report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will propose Sri Lanka to be taken before the International Criminal Court. read more

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Wynne picking a fight with civil servants on retirement benefits union

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Maria Babbage, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 19, 2014 9:27 am MDT Wynne picking a fight with civil servants on retirement benefits: union TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne blindsided tens of thousands of civil servants by suddenly announcing major changes to their retirement benefits without consulting their union first, a public-sector union leader said Wednesday.The cash-strapped Liberal government announced late Tuesday that civil servants would have to work longer to qualify for retirement benefits, as well as pay more for those benefits.Warren “Smokey” Thomas, head of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, said they would have been more than willing to negotiate with the government as they have done in the past over pensions.Now the OPSEU, which represents about 35,000 members, is seeking legal advice on whether the government can make these new changes unilaterally.“If they would have just picked up the phone and called and said, can we strike a table, we want to sit down and talk about some of these things we see as problems, we could have went to that table,” Thomas said.“But now all they’ve done is picked a fight. And they’ve made it adversarial when it didn’t have to be adversarial.”Government Services Minister John Milloy acknowledged that the union was only informed of the changes on Tuesday before they were announced in a news release.But he insisted the government has a right to make the changes and has to provide the union with three years’ notice.“We sit down with unions and negotiate certain aspects of their contract,” he said. “Other aspects are in the purview of government. This is one that’s in the purview of government.”Civil servants retiring in 2017 and later will have to pay half of their premiums for life, health, dental and vision coverage, which is currently covered by the province.The eligibility period for retiree benefits would rise from 10 to 20 years for workers who are hired from Jan. 1, 2017 onward or who have less than a decade of pension credit by that time.He said the changes will save the government an estimated $1.2 billion over five years.They won’t apply to current retirees, but Thomas said they would punish workers retiring in the future.He said Wynne should rescind the changes, accusing her of attacking middle-class workers.OPSEU represents about 25,813 pensioners in the Ontario Public Service, Thomas said. The average retiree receives a pension of about $20,000 a year.“Whenever they get into a jam, they come to us. But this time they didn’t even come to us,” he said.“So my gut feeling is this is pure politics on their part. They want to be seen as tough on public sector workers just like (Progressive Conservative Leader) Tim Hudak is.”Wynne came into the top job a year ago with a mission to smooth things over with public school teachers after the Liberals forced new contracts on them and limited their ability to strike.Thomas said when he met Wynne after she became premier, she told him the government — which is facing a deficit of almost $12 billion — had no money.Yet the Liberals had no problem cancelling two unpopular gas plants ahead of the 2011 election, he said, which the auditor general says could cost taxpayers up to $1.1 billion.“I said, ‘I’ve got two words for you sister: every time you say we’ve got no money, I’m going to say ‘power plants’,” he said.“My point in this is that they have the money for the things they want.”But in the legislature, the Liberals were accused of siding with unions at taxpayers’ expense.The Tories introduced a private member’s bill Wednesday that would force the province’s public sector unions to compete for government services contracts as a way of saving taxpayers money.Unions should bid against private companies to provide various services, with a government watchdog determining which areas should be open to competition, said Hudak.“(The bill) would basically compel the new Financial Accountability Officer to look at areas of managed competition to ensure that we contract out where possible, where it makes sense for taxpayers’ services, so that we get the best quality at the best price to the taxpayer,” he said.In the legislature, Wynne mocked Hudak’s proposal while also taking a shot at another vague PC bill to create one million jobs over eight years.“Like the million-jobs plan that the leader talked about, it is magical thinking.said Wynne. “We don’t engage in magical thinking.”Hudak responded by saying the Liberals “are on the side of the special interests who are getting rich off these fat contracts.”The Conservatives would not contract out police, health or teaching services, but said they would look at competitive bids for things such as email hosting, transportation, food and laundry services in jails and even employment training.— with files from Keith Leslie read more

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Haiti Seeking to fend off cholera threat UN agencies deliver aid call

The storm started at night, but it wasn’t until sunrise that the families of this coastal town started to fear for their lives. “The roofs and tree branches flew away. Water started coming in, things were flying everywhere… no one could get hold of them,” explains Dicejour Gelin, 13. Photo: UNICEF/UN035046/Moreno Gonzalez Picking Up The Pieces. Credit: WFP WFP spokesperson Bettina Luescher said that food for 300,000 people has been prepositioned in the country, and it has delivered food rations to more than 10,500 people in Jérémie and Les Cayes in the southwest. WFP has been flying aid workers into that part of the country as roads had been damaged. Once the markets start working again, WFP will move to cash aid, the spokesperson said. Education should not be forgotten in emergency situations“Education should not be forgotten in emergency situations,” said Christophe Boulierac, spokesperson for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Geneva. In the storm’s wake, more than 100,000 children in Haiti are missing out on learning as their schools were either damaged or converted into shelters. “At least 100,000 children today will not experience the joy, safety and stimulation that being in a classroom brings,” said UNICEF’s Deputy Representative in Haiti, Jean Metenier, in a news release. “We need to get them back to learning as soon as possible. Hurricane Matthew took away their schools, homes and textbooks. It shouldn’t take away their sense of hope.” Schools have reopened across the country but, according to initial national estimates, at least 300 public schools have been partially or entirely damaged in the country and many others are being used to shelter displaced families. Schools in Sud and Grande Anse departments will remain closed for at least another week. UNICEF is working with partners to help set up temporary learning spaces. Priorities include rehabilitating damaged schools, delivering adequate school supplies, furniture and teaching materials, and providing children with psychosocial support. Dicejour’s father, Jeody Luckmane, 28, works in the field. The heavy winds and rains have destroyed all the crops. “I do not know what we will do now. Everything is destroyed. There is nothing left. There is no food or water, and children are starting to get sick,” he says. Photo: UNICEF/UN035023/Moreno Gonzalez UNICEF teams in Haiti are working closely with the Government and NGO partners to provide a first delivery of humanitarian supplies to the most affected zones. Surviving Hurricane Matthew means not only surviving the biggest storm in a decade; but also getting ready for what lies ahead. UNICEF/UN035024/Moreno Gonzalez For Renel Ginol, the father of Renelson, 6, and Bethsaiina, 8, education is what worries him most. “The school is totally damaged. They will start building the school but it will take several months and my children will lose the whole academic year”. Photo: UNICEF/UN035031/Moreno Gonzalez Pierre Yolande, 52, and her two granddaughters, Dorry Wideline, 10, and Pierre Saraphila, 12, managed to get back some of their belongings. “The whole wall collapsed and the waves entered right into our room. It was a nightmare but we were not sleeping,” says Dorry. Photo: UNICEF/UN035027/Moreno Gonzalez Hurricane Matthew has put the lives of millions of children in Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic in danger. In Haiti, it is estimated that half a million children live in the most affected areas, particularly in Grand-Anse and the South. Photo: UNICEF/UN035025/Moreno Gonzalez Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to send one million cholera vaccine doses and dispatch Dr. Dominique Legros, WHO’s cholera focal point, to Haiti at the end of the week to discuss with the Ministry of Health how to best use the vaccines. WHO had already deployed some 80 staff from its regional office, and had also provided materials for cholera care, treatment centres, beds and materials for treatment of patients. The agency has also mobilized partners, such as Médecins Sans Frontières, known as Doctors Without Borders, which deployed 40 of its own staff. “The top priority for people affected by the hurricane is to give them access to safe drinking water. It is the only way to control cholera on the long term in Haiti and elsewhere,” Dr. Legros told reporters in Geneva at the regular bi-weekly press briefing, noting that Hurricane Matthew hit at a time when cholera was still putting a heavy burden on the tiny Caribbean island nation. It is necessary to plan for the worst case scenario and be ready to face the situation with all the usual elements of a response plan such as surveillance, access to safe water, and vaccinesIn the context of flooding and potential contamination of drinking water by faecal sludge, WHO was concerned about the further increase in cholera cases, particularly at this time of the year, as there is usually an increment in cases reported between November and January, he said. About a quarter of the health care facilities, or 35, including cholera treatment centres and units, have been either destroyed or seriously damaged in the south of the country, which caused problems of access to health care for patients, Dr. Legros said, adding that with partners, WHO staff are actively rebuilding health care facilities. “It is necessary to plan for the worst case scenario and be ready to face the situation with all the usual elements of a response plan such as surveillance, access to safe water, and vaccines,” Dr. Legros said. He said that before the storm, WHO had vaccinated about 400,000 people in Haiti, using 800,000 doses, or two doses per person, essentially in the central part of the country and towards Cap Haitien. Another one million doses announced yesterday would cover 500,000 people, or one million people if a single-dose approach is used, Dr. Legros explained. Then the protection would be relatively short. He went on to note that WHO has had one experience of a large-scale single-dose campaign in Bangladesh two years ago. It had proved effective for six months. After six months, there was still a 60 to 70 per cent effectiveness for severe cholera cases. After one year, the effectiveness had disappeared. “Protection for six months would be enough to cover the period of highest risk in Haiti,” he said. Dr. Legros said that since the beginning of the cholera outbreak in October 2010 there had been 790,000 cases and more than 9,000 deaths in Haiti. There had since been a sharp drop, but from 2014, cases have increased every year. In 2016, there had been 30,000 cases to date. Not having access to safe water is the main reason for these cases, he added. Nearly 100 per cent of crops destroyed in hard-hit southwestMeanwhile, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) has reported that in the country’s northwest, 60 to 90 per cent of the harvest has been destroyed, and the fishing industry was paralyzed because boats and fishing materials had been swept away. However in the southwest, where Hurricane Matthew made landfall, almost 100 per cent of the crops are gone. In the town of Jeremie, in the Garnd-Anse Department where the hurricane hit the hardest, families are trying to get back to their normal lives. Despite the desolate landscape, the sight of children playing and the sounds of their laughter bring a spark of hope for a better future. Photo: UNICEF/UN035026/Moreno Gonzalez Big waves caused by the hurricane destroyed the whole coastline, flooding hundreds of homes. “That night, I was at home but the water inundated us. We were able to get out but left all our things behind. The day after, we had to get them from a ditch,” recalls Dicejour. Photo: UNICEF/UN035028/Moreno Gonzalez The roof of their house collapsed and hurt one of Renel’s legs, before they could get away and take shelter in a nearby vocational school. “Now I help my father as much as I can,” explains Renelson. “I want him to know that I am also strong and we can fix our home together.” Photo: UNICEF/UN035041/Moreno Gonzalez Surviving Hurricane Matthew The death toll from Hurricane Matthew which hit Haiti on October 4 continues to rise. Haiti is facing the largest humanitarian emergency since the earthquake in 2010. The full extent of the damage remains unknown, but the incredible stories of the families who survived this fierce storm need to be told. Photo: UNICEF/UN034980/Abassi, UN-MINUSTAH “We heard on the radio that a storm was coming. My father also told me, but I was very scared when the roof fell over our heads,” says Renelson. “And now the radio doesn’t work any longer.” Photo: UNICEF/UN035029/Moreno Gonzalez ‹ › Together with its partners ACTED and Oxfam, UNICEF has prepositioned emergency supplies for 10,000 people in the departments of Grand Anse and Sud, including water kits, water purification tablets, and mosquito nets. UNICEF has also provided a 10,000 liter water reservoir to the hospital in Les Cayes. Investment in disaster risk governance neededMeanwhile, Denis McClean, a spokesperson for the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), said it is totally unacceptable that hundreds of people could die in a disaster which was as well forecast as Hurricane Matthew. “There had been plenty of time for warnings to be issued and for evacuations to take place,” he said. “The question now has to be asked: why, six years after the earthquake in Haiti, adequate multi-hazard warning systems were not in place to ensure a minimal loss of life in such events?” It was totally unacceptable that hundreds of people could die in a disaster which had been so well forecast as Hurricane MatthewUNISDR is calling for a zero-casualty approach to cyclones and hurricanes preparedness to be supported, in countries like Haiti, he stressed. This requires investment in disaster risk governance to ensure that warnings are disseminated and acted on. People should know they have a safe place to go to in their neighbourhood, be it a church, a school or another public building, he said, urging greater efforts to ensure that populations in hazard-prone areas are risk-informed, and fully understand the nature of the threat they are facing. Mr. McClean said that earlier this year, Fiji was hit by a Category 5 cyclone, the strongest storm ever to hit the island nation. The death toll was 44 even though one million people were affected. Similarly, India and Bangladesh had remarkable successes against major cyclone events, which in years past, would have cost thousands of lives. These lessons need to be applied elsewhere, he stressed. @media only screen and (min-width: 760px), screen9 {#PhotoHolder3 #PhotoCrop { max-height: 770px; /* sets max-height value for all standards-compliant browsers */ width: 134%; margin-left:-161px; margin-top: -418px;}#story-headline{ font-size: 4.5em; line-height: 1.05em; color:#fff; position: relative; top: 60px; margin-left:-1em; text-shadow: 10px 10px 10px rgba(0,0,0,0.8); width:50%;}#sidebar {display:none;} div#story-content .span8 {width:100% !important} #fullstory p { font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.7em;}strong { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.7em; xfont-family:Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;}li { font-size: 15px; xline-height: 1.7em;}blockquote { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.5em; font-style:italic;} .videoWrapper { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */ padding-top: 1em; height: 0; margin-bottom:1em;}.videoWrapper iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} read more

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Italys MilanCortina wins vote to host 2026 Winter Olympics

Italy will host the 2026 Olympics in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, taking the Winter Games to the Alpine country for the second time in 20 years.International Olympic Committee members voted for the long-favoured Milan-Cortina bid over Stockholm-Are from Sweden that also included a bobsled track in Latvia.Milan-Cortina’s jubilant delegation broke into chants of “Italia! Italia!” when the result was announced.Italy last hosted in Turin in 2006, and the Alpine ski resort Cortina previously hosted the Winter Games in 1956.Sweden’s spirited late campaign effort was in vain, including the mayor of Stockholm appealing to voters from the stage by singing a lyric from Abba song ‘Dancing Queen’.A sign of simmering Swedish frustration came minutes later when IOC board member Gunilla Lindberg pushed the limit of Olympic diplomacy ending her team’s 30-minute presentation.Lindberg challenged her colleagues to reward a new kind of creative, cost-effective bid the IOC has said it wanted – “Or is it just talk?”Instead, IOC members picked Italy despite a debt-hit economy which faces increasing European Union scrutiny.“We submit with full confidence to your judgment,” Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told voters.Both candidates would likely have failed to get this far in previous Olympic bidding contests.The IOC has relaxed previously strict rules that demanded financial guarantees and government support earlier in the process.It was an attempt to revive Winter Games bidding with just two candidates on the ballot paper for the second straight time, since Russia spent $51 billion on venues and infrastructure for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.Now, the IOC seeks to avoid costly new venues – and potential white elephants – while encouraging regions and multi-nation bids to share the load. Hence, Sweden teamed with Latvia, across the Baltic Sea, rather than build its ice sliding sports venue.“We have budget problems in Italy but I think that this is something that everyone has,” Italy Undersecretary of State Giancarlo Giorgetti said at an earlier news conference, citing the wealth of the Lombardy and Veneto provinces underwriting the games costs.“They are two of the richest provinces in Europe,” Giorgetti said. “They certainly have the capacity, they have the readiness, they have the finances in order to be able to support the event.”The IOC will contribute at least $925 million toward Italy’s games operating costs of up to $1.7 billion. Building athlete villages in Milan and Stockholm shaped as the main capital investment and most uncertain ventures in the projects.Last week, the IOC flagged Stockholm’s village as a risk, and asked for more details of guarantees underwriting the project.“A letter of intent is as important to us as any contract,” Volvo chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg said in the formal presentation, in what seemed a rebuke to the Olympic body.The day-long meetings began with each bid in closed-door sessions with IOC members. The Swedish bid was challenged to prove its support from a Stockholm city authority coalition formed last October and a national government only five months ago.Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said he assured voters “it’s in the Swedish model, it’s in our DNA” to deliver a stable Winter Games.Still, a big plus for the Italian bid – uniting Milan, the Alpine ski resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo, and several towns in between – was the IOC’s own polling. It found support from local residents around 85% compared to 60% in Sweden.The 2026 contest meets the IOC President Thomas Bach’s long-stated wish to return to traditional heartlands for winter sports after major construction projects from 2014-2022 in Russia, South Korea, and China.The signature Swedish feature using the ice sliding sports track in Sigulda, Latvia, that meets the IOC’s demand to use established sports venues.The IOC has praised both candidates for projecting sports budgets “on average 20% lower” than spending on the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and 2022 Beijing Olympics.During the traditionally slick and emotional pleas to be awarded the games, Stockholm mayor Anna Konig Jerlmyr reminded voters of Sweden’s most famous music act.“Abba is everywhere,” she said, before singing the lyric: “You can dance, you can dance, having the time of your life.”With more gravitas, Nobel Foundation executive director Lars Heikenstein spoke of Olympic values being an inspiration. Olympic leaders have long coveted a Nobel Peace Prize for the organization.Sweden’s heir to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria, joined a 100-plus delegation at the Swisstech convention centre though did not take part on stage.Italy’s bid was livened by two Olympic champions, downhill skier Sofia Goggia and snowboarder Michela Moioli, doing a dab gesture and talking of their hopes to compete on home snow in almost seven years’ time.Sweden’s wait for a first Winter Games goes on. read more

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Trafalgar Square Athletic Bilbaos stadium and the Space Needle are all going

first_imgTrafalgar Square, Athletic Bilbao’s stadium and the Space Needle are all going green for St Patrick’s Day They will be joined for the first time since 2014 by the Sydney Opera House. Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3849666 By Paul Hosford Tuesday 13 Feb 2018, 12:54 PM 11,954 Views Image: AAP/PA Images Share199 Tweet Email2 The London Eye is one of the landmarks going green again this year. Source: Gretel Ensignia PA Archive/PA ImagesThese new sites will join some old favourites which have gone green in previous years – including the Colosseum in Rome, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland in Paris.Chicago will be going all out to celebrate St Patrick and Ireland once again this year, dyeing its river and having a number of buildings and sites across the city lighting up green including Navy Pier, the John Hancock Center, the Wrigley Building, the Civic Opera House and Soldier Field. The Chicago River dyed green. Source: SIPA USA/PA ImagesMinister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin TD, said:“I commend all the staff in our Embassies and Missions overseas, in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and in Tourism Ireland for the outstanding work they have done in organising this campaign across the globe, which will no doubt further enhance Ireland’s profile abroad as a holiday destination of choice.”A total of 35 countries will be visited as part of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations this year. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will travel to the US where he will visit US Donald Trump at the White House.It is expected that he will visit other States in the US, with a focus on promoting trade and culture. Tánaiste and Minister Simon Coveney is to lead a large delegation to China and Hong Kong for St Patrick’s Day.Read: In full: Here’s where our ministers are going for St Patrick’s Day The Sydney Opera House in 2012. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Feb 13th 2018, 12:54 PM A HOST OF international landmarks will join the Global Greening initiative for the first time next month.The iconic Space Needle in Seattle, Chimo the Polar Bear statue in Ontario, the fountains in London’s Trafalgar Square and the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao – the home of Athletic Club Bilbao – will go green for St Patrick’s Day for the first time.They will be joined for the first time since 2014 by the Sydney Opera House.Tourism Ireland today announced details of some of the famous attractions and sites around the world which will go green to mark St Patrick’s Day this year, continuing the organisation’s first-half promotional drive to grow overseas tourism in 2018.Other new sites and buildings for 2018 include: the Wawa Goose monument in Ontario and the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat (also in Ontario), the National Football Museum in Manchester, the Palais de l’Europe (the seat of the Council of Europe) in Strasbourg, Beaugrenelle shopping centre in Paris, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, the Königsbau building in Stuttgart, Uilenburgersjoel Amsterdam, the Yokohama Marine Tower in Japan, Pen Monument in Hanoi, the Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa, as well as Vabaduse Väljak (Freedom Square) in Tallinn. The Sydney Opera House in 2012. Image: AAP/PA Images 43 Comments last_img read more

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Great Greek National Day march

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Greek National Day Parade at the Shrine of Remembrance yesterday was a great success with the Parliamentary delegation from Greece impressed with the great number of community organisations taking part.More than 60 community schools and organisation took part in the parade.The areas surrounding the Shrine was turned blue and white by the crowd there to celebrate the participation of Greek Australians in the parade.The parade was attended by the Victorian Premier, John Brumby, the Victorian Leader of the Opposition, Ted Baillieu, state and federal Members of Parliament as well as senior figures from the Greek Orthodox Church.A three-man parliamentary delegation was also in attendance from Greece.last_img

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Early signs positive for Tabcorp as Tatts merger spurs FY18 growth

first_imgThe December 2017 merger between Australian gaming giants Tabcorp Holdings and Tatts Group saw Tabcorp’s revenue for the year ended 30 June 2018 climb 71.7% to AU$3.8 billion in what Managing Director and CEO David Attenborough describes as a “company-defining year.”The merger, bringing together two of Australia’s gaming industry giants, has “created a world-class, diversified gambling entertainment group with an attractive portfolio of market-leading brands across wagering, media, lotteries, Keno and gaming services,” Attenborough said in a fling to the Australian Securities Exchange on Wednesday. Tabcorp cleared as Australian Federal Police close investigation into Cambodia sports betting bribery claims Sale of the century RelatedPosts Load More Pacific Online says operators still in dark as government confirms 21,000 Philippines lottery outlets closed “The integration of the two businesses is on track, with initial business improvements and cost initiatives implemented.”Although the merger was directly behind the sharp revenue jump, Tabcorp reported solid growth across most its segments including a 0.6% increase in Wagering & Media revenues on a pro-forma basis to AU$2.5 billion. It included 2.5% revenue growth from the TAB, driven by a 16.3% increase in digital turnover to AU$5.1 billion, which offset a 3.3% decline in retail turnover to AU$6.0 billion.In the Lotteries & Keno segment, lotteries revenue climbed 4.9% to AU$2.1 billion on a pro-forma basis with digital sales up 27.8%. Keno revenues were AU$220.1 million, up 3.5%.Gaming Services revenues held steady pro-forma at AU$315 million.Looking ahead, Attenborough said Tabcorp would continue to focus on building the newly merged entity.“The delivery of EBITDA synergies and business improvements from the integration of Tabcorp and Tatts is on track,” he said. “Initial synergies and business improvements of AU$8 million of EBITDA were delivered in FY18 and all decisions have been taken to deliver AU$50 million in FY19. The target remains at least AY$130 million of EBITDA from synergies and business improvements in FY21.“We remain very focused on unlocking the benefits from the Tabcorp and Tatts combination for our many stakeholders. A key part of bringing the two businesses together involves building a strong and shared organizational culture. We’re making good progress on this priority.”Tabcorp has announced a fully franked final dividend of AU$10.0 cents per share, payable on 14 September 2018.last_img read more

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Police search for road rage driver who shot and killed young girl

first_img“When I pulled up the shirt, that’s when I saw the bullet hole and I kept trying to touch her, rubbing her face, rubbing her hands and I said, ‘Baby, please stay with mommy.’ She couldn’t say nothing,” Jarmon said.Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo had strong words for the suspect, who is still on the run.“No mother should bury her daughter because of some idiot that had no regard for who was in that car, had no regard for who was going to be at the other end of that bullet,” Acevedo said. “It means you have no soul when you’re willing to shoot out of the window indiscriminately.”The girl’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. HOUSTON (WSVN) — Police in Texas are on the hunt for a road rage shooter who killed an 8-year-old girl following an early-morning car accident Saturday.Latoyia Jarmon told Fox 26 that she was driving home from a salon with her daughter, De’Maree Adkins, when another car ran a red light and plowed into her vehicle.Police said the white sedan may have been racing another car when the accident happened.“They t-boned, at some point somebody from the other two cars that were traveling at a high rate of speed got out and fired at the other vehicle striking a young 8-year-old female,” Houston Police Department homicide unit Detective David Stark said.Jarmon said she saw a woman firing multiple rounds at her car.“There was a second vehicle that pulled up, let their window down and started firing shots at my car and the shots that they fired at my car hit my baby and they killed her,” Jarmon told Fox 26.Jarmon tearfully recalled the moment she realized her daughter had been shot. last_img read more

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Amid mounting tension Pakistan halts import of cotton vegetables from India

first_imgDue to rising tension between India and Paksitan along the Line of Control (LoC), Pakistan has suspended the import of agricultural products such as cotton and vegetables. According to a report in the Dawn, the officials of Department of Plant Production (DPP) said that the import of agricultural products from India at the Wagah border crossing and Karachi port and issuing permits for future has currently been halted. Cotton importers said that the customs clearing agents had stopped the import without a warning or written order. “We have stopped import of tomatoes and other fresh vegetables in order to protect our farmers. We have enough tomatoes and other vegetable stocks, which we import from India only in case of shortages in the domestic market,” Imran Shamim chief of DPP, which is the subordinate department of the national food security and research ministry was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India. However, the official differed on the reason behind the suspension of cotton imports. “We have not stopped cotton imports from India. It has just been halted over reports that the Indian exporters are not meeting our bio-security conditions. We’re looking into these reports and will lift restriction on cotton imports if our apprehensions are proved wrong,” Shamin further added. The cotton consignments will be allowed to enter Pakistan through surface or sea routes where importers had already secured permits.A Pakistani textile factory owner told Dawn that the suspension of cotton import from India is bound to create problems for the textile exporters in India’s neighbour country, where meeting the demand of 11.25 million bales of locally produced cotton will be difficult. “The industry requires 14 million bales of cotton. We will still be short by three million bales of cotton even if the crop target is achieved,” the textile factory owner was quoted as saying by the publication.The shortage will lead to increase in prices. Last year, Pakistan imported 2.7 million bales of cotton, which is roughly 40 percent of India’s total cotton exports. [1 bale= 170 kg]last_img read more

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Ola acquires Foodpanda India commits to invest 200 million in food delivery

first_imgOla cabs will dispense cashOla/MediaKitThe country’ biggest online cab aggregator, Ola, is all set to acquire food delivery firm Foodpanda’s India business from its parent company DeliveryHero.Ola said in a statement it was committing an investment of Rs 1,300 crore ($200 million) into the food delivery business.This deal includes the transfer of Foodpanda’s India business to Ola in an acquisition deal in exchange for Ola stock.Following the deal, the online delivery firm will benefit from Ola’s scale and efficiencies as a platform. Ola and Delivery Hero are committed to continue the collaboration and build the online food delivery ecosystem in India.The online cab-hailing firm’s commitment to invest Rs 1,300 crore ($200mn) into the Foodpanda India business would the highest fund infusion in the country’s online food ordering and delivery space.Saurabh Kochhar, who was the head of Foodpanda India until recently, has decided to move on to pursue other opportunities. Ola founding partner Pranay Jivrajka will be interim CEO until a permanent replacement is found. He will be working with the existing management of Foodpanda India, according to the statement.”The partnership with Ola will allow us to further consolidate markets where it strategically makes sense to collaborate with leading local players. At the same time, we consider our stake in Ola as a very valuable asset, while Ola’s investment commitment in Foodpanda India is a clear and confident signal to the Indian market,” Niklas Ostberg, CEO and co-founder of Delivery Hero, said.With menus from over 15,000 restaurants across 100 cities in India, Foodpanda is one of the leading online food delivery companies in the country.”As one of India’s pioneers in the food delivery space, Foodpanda has come to be a very efficient and profit-focused business over the last couple of years. Our commitment to invest $200 million in Foodpanda India will help the business be focused on growth by creating value for customers and partners. I look forward to welcoming the Foodpanda India team to the Ola family,” said Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder, and CEO, Ola.last_img read more

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Verdict against 6 HizbutTahrir men deferred again

first_imgHizb-ut-Tahrir chief coordinator Mohiuddin AhmedA Dhaka tribunal on Sunday deferred until January 30 the pronouncement of the verdict in an anti-terrorism case filed against six members of banned militant outfit Hizb-ut-Tahrir, including its chief coordinator Mohiuddin Ahmed, reports UNB.Judge of the Dhaka anti-terrorism special tribunal Mujibur Rahman passed the order, said special public prosecutor Jahangir Hossain.With this, the delivery of the judgment in the case has been deferred four times.The other accused in the case are Hizb-ut-Tahrir joint coordinator Kazi Morshedul Haque Plabon, Tanvir Ahmed, Towhidul Alam Chanchal, Saidur Rahman Ragib and Md Abu Yusuf Ali.On 27 September 2016, the court framed charges against the six members of the banned militant outfit, including Mohiuddin, in the anti-terrorism case.On 18 April 2010, police arrested a group of Hizb-ut-Tahrir leaders and activists, including Mohiuddin, while they were a clandestine meeting at Uttara to plan subversive activities against the government and attack important state establishments.A case was filed against them with Uttara Model police station under the anti-terrorism act.last_img read more

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State Program For Womens Health Services Is Full Of Errors On Its

first_img Share COURTESY OF THE TEXAS HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSIONA left-leaning grassroots organization called the East Dallas Persistent Women released a report last week finding that Healthy Texas Women — a state program intended to provide low-cost women’s health services — is riddled with errors on its website.The program’s “Find a Doctor” tool lists numerous health care providers across the state that don’t actually participate in the program, making it more difficult for women to find physicians who do. In addition, some of the providers are repeats, and several numbers direct callers to offices that don’t provide women’s health care services at all.In a statement, a spokesperson for Texas’ Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees the Healthy Texas Women program, says the agency semi-annually verifies that each provider listed offers Healthy Texas Women services – and the agency will try to fix any inaccuracies. “Nothing is more important to us than making sure women have access to this care,” the spokesperson says.Anice Greiner is a member of the East Dallas Persistent Women and one of the core researchers of the report, titled “Healthy Skepticism: The Inadequacy of ‘Healthy Texas Women’ in 2018.”The EDPW’s report follows a 2011 decision in the Texas Legislature to allocate public funding away from Planned Parenthood, a decision which ultimately drove a quarter of the state’s low-cost family planning clinics, most of them unaffiliated with Planned Parenthood, to shutter. In the aftermath, the state launched the Texas Women’s Health Program and then Healthy Texas Women, as part of its efforts to provide comparable, low-cost care to women across the state.The report also follows a 2015 report from NARAL, a nonprofit organization that advocates for reproductive freedom, which similarly found that women’s health providers listed under the Texas Women’s Health Program were also inaccurate. At the time, Greiner said her group was also concerned about the increasing number of maternal mortalities and repeat teen pregnancies in Texas.Interview HighlightsInterview responses have been lightly edited for clarity.About the report’s findingsSixty-six percent of the providers listed on the site in the counties we did the survey in are not providers [of the Healthy Texas Women program] even though they are listed on the site. In urban areas, that percentage is even higher. In Dallas, it was 81.9 percent and in Harris County it was 70 percent that were not providing. What we found in rural counties was that a very large percentage of them did not have providers at all.CREDIT COURTESY OF EAST DALLAS PERSISTENT WOMENThe “Healthy Skepticism” report looked at 54 counties across Texas and found about 66 percent of the women’s health providers listed on the Healthy Texas Women website doesn’t actually take the program.How the data was collected across 54 countiesWe were very careful to do a large enough random sampling. After we had come to a random list of zip codes, from El Paso to Harris County and all the way down to southern Texas, we went to the Healthy Texas Women website, pulled up each one of those zip codes and pulled up a list of the providers that was within five miles of each one of those zip codes and then we began making phone calls.We asked, “Do you accept the Healthy Texas Women program?” and if the answer was “yes,” then the questions were: “Do you provide pap tests?” “Do you provide breast exams?” “Do you provide STD testing?” “Do you provide contraceptives?” These were just to make sure they were providing what the program said they were providing.One of the things that we were kind of surprised about was the fact that you have providers listed that were MRI clinics, administration officers. There was just a variety of providers listed that have nothing to do with providing women’s health care.How the state’s defunding of Planned Parenthood mobilized themWhat happened as a result of that was that 82 clinics were closed across the state. That’s 25 percent, which made it impossible for women to get the health care that they needed. It made places in Texas where there was no clinic within 200 miles for them to get to, so it was a catalyst.How errors on the Healthy Texas Women site can have serious repercussions for womenIf you’re in an area where you have a list of 25 providers and only one of them is providing services, that’s not doable, that doesn’t work for women in Texas. Something else that we found was that we would make phone calls and a lot of times we’d be on hold for 20-30 minutes at a time. If you’re a low-income person, you don’t have time to sit on the phone. Most of these ladies work and can’t give the amount of time that it would take to sit and hold. It’s just not making it where ladies can get the care that they need.CREDIT COURTESY OF EAST DALLAS PERSISTENT WOMENThe core group of the East Dallas Persistent Women.On being a openly left-leaning groupThe report was done very scientifically. We were very careful to be sure that the group that we pulled was randomly chosen and we were very careful not to insert our political leanings into it. We had someone who does surveys to sound off and give us advice and be sure that our study was statistically random and that we were following the correct procedures.What to do with this informationOne of the things that we hope to do with this study is to go to the candidates who are out there now that will be running in November and give them this report so they now have a useful tool so they’ll be able to advocate for women and women’s health in Texas.last_img read more

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The Scholarship Lady Helps Student Athletes Score Late Funding For College

first_imgBy MARK F. GRAY, Special to the AFROWhen high school student athletes are awarded college athletic scholarships conventional thought is that it covers all the expenses of a post-secondary education. However, there is a difference between an athlete who competes in glamorous high-profile Division I major college sports such as football and basketball and those who compete in lower division non-revenue Olympic sports such as lacrosse or track and field.Since the inception of Title IX – which mandates colleges spend equally on scholarships and resources for men’s and women’s sports – partial scholarships have become the way for smaller programs to comply and remain compliant with NCAA academic progress rate (APR) guidelines. However, that leaves a financial gap for families to subsidize their post-secondary education.Carla Dickerson, a former high school counselor in PG County, now helps students athletes bridge the gap to help them qualify ad earn scholarships for college. (Courtesy Photo)Carla Dickerson, who was given the nickname “The Scholarship Lady” by students she counseled at Surrattsville High School in Clinton, MD helped them gain over $9 million in scholarships for college bound students.  While working in the Prince George’s County School system she noticed how many athletes were on the verge of losing scholarship opportunities because their inability to meet eligibility requirements.“I felt the crisis that was right in front of me,” Dickerson told the AFRO. “When you see students on the verge of losing $200,000 in scholarships because they can’t make eligibility requirements I knew I had to do something.”Dickerson not only helps student athletes she has befriended non-student athletes as well.  However, the challenges that face those who participate in athletics have traditionally been greater than conventional students.  While traditional college bound students must only worry about meeting institutional guidelines for acceptance into college, athletes must meet additional standards.“Most athletes tell me [they] didn’t know anything about this,” Dickerson said.There are separate grade point average guidelines for the athlete their academic counterparts don’t have to meet for entrance.  The difference between a 2.0 GPA and 2.3 can be overwhelming when athletes aren’t driven by the same work ethic in the classroom that they bring to the playing field.  It also becomes more prevalent when taking the standardized Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) if athletes are not pushed to prepare for them.  On a 1,600-point scale Dickerson noticed how Black athletes were settling for between 700 and 900 which is the lowest among any group who take those standardized tests according to national statistics.Student athletes who receive partial scholarships cover a major portion of their room, board, and tuition.  However, the remainder of what must be paid becomes the burden of the student and ultimately the family. Dickerson helps them defray the costs by identifying scholarships and grants that are available often long after college signing day or after graduation if the athlete qualifies.“A person who needs a scholarship is a person who needs a scholarship,” Dickerson said.Her program applies the same skills that developed as a high school counselor.  She developed a regimented boot camp that prepares all students for success meeting the SAT or ACT requirements with strategies that help them navigate through academic landmines of what are considered culturally biased tests. Dickerson also coaches parents on becoming proactive by introducing the NCAA’s eligibility clearinghouse process which allows them to be greater advocates for the student-athletes during the recruiting process. Most important she helps improve their writing skills because to qualify for late grant or scholarship subsidy after graduation they must write an essay to any potential provider.Dickerson hopes to become certified by the NCAA and is advising students-athletes in seven cities around the country.last_img read more

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Astronomers detect ultraweak magnetic fields in two metallicline stars

first_img Strong magnetic fields discovered in majority of stars (Phys.org)—A team of astronomers led by Aurore Blazère of the Paris Observatory has discovered ultra-weak magnetic fields in metallic-line stars Beta Ursae Majoris and Theta Leonis. Motivated by a recent detection of a weak, circularly polarized signature in spectral lines of a similar type star, Sirius A, the researchers received a signal believed to be of a magnetic origin, using deep spectropolarimetric observations of these two peculiar stars. What they found may prove that weak magnetic fields could be more common in the photospheres of intermediate-mass stars. © 2016 Phys.org Explore further Journal information: arXiv More information: Detection of ultra-weak magnetic fields in Am stars: β UMa and θ Leo. arXiv:1601.01829 [astro-ph.SR] arxiv.org/abs/1601.01829AbstractAn extremely weak circularly polarized signature was recently discovered in spectral lines of the chemically peculiar Am star Sirius A. A weak surface magnetic field was proposed to account for the observed polarized signal, but the shape of the phase-averaged signature, dominated by a prominent positive lobe, is not expected in the standard theory of the Zeeman effect. We aim at verifying the presence of weak circularly polarized signatures in two other bright Am stars, beta UMa and theta Leo, and investigating the physical origin of Sirius-like polarized signals further. We present here a set of deep spectropolarimetric observations of beta UMa and theta Leo, observed with the NARVAL spectropolarimeter. We analyzed all spectra with the Least Squares Deconvolution multiline procedure. To improve the signal-to-noise ratio and detect extremely weak signatures in Stokes V profiles, we co-added all available spectra of each star (around 150 observations each time). Finally, we ran several tests to evaluate whether the detected signatures are consistent with the behavior expected from the Zeeman effect. The line profiles of the two stars display circularly polarized signatures similar in shape and amplitude to the observations previously gathered for Sirius A. Our series of tests brings further evidence of a magnetic origin of the recorded signal. These new detections suggest that very weak magnetic fields may well be present in the photospheres of a significant fraction of intermediate-mass stars. The strongly asymmetric Zeeman signatures measured so far in Am stars (featuring a dominant single-sign lobe) are not expected in the standard theory of the Zeeman effect and may be linked to sharp vertical gradients in photospheric velocities and magnetic field strengths.center_img Beta Ursae Majoris and Theta Leonis belong to a group of chemically peculiar Am stars. Their spectrum has strong and often variable absorption lines of metals such as zinc, strontium, zirconium, and barium and deficiencies of a few elements, particularly calcium and scandium. In the search for magnetic fields of these two interesting metallic-line stars, the scientists used data from the NARVAL spectropolarimeter, installed at the two-meter Bernard Lyot Telescope (TBL) in the French Pyrénées. They published a paper online describing their results on Jan. 8 in the arXiv journal.NARVAL enables astronomers to detect stellar magnetic fields with unprecedented precision. It is specially designed and optimized to detect stellar magnetic fields through the polarization they generate in photospheric spectral lines. For their study, the scientists used data from NARVAL observation campaigns conducted from 2010 to 2014. Analyzing these data, they detected a circularly polarized signal coming from the two Am stars.According to the astronomers, all signals observed up until now have roughly the same shape, with one positive lobe roughly symmetric about the line center and occupying most of the width of the line profile.”The circularly polarized signal observed for both stars covers most of the width of the line and is mostly symmetric about the line centroid. In both cases, a positive lobe dominates the signal,” the researchers wrote in the paper.They assume that these signals must have a stellar origin as previous observations of an Am type star, Sirius A, show similarly shaped signatures. Sirius A was studied using three different scientific instruments including NARVAL, and according to the research team, these studies confirm their hypothesis regarding Beta Ursae Majoris and Theta Leonis.”From an empirical point of view, we stress that the signatures recorded so far for Sirius A display a similar shape using three different instrumental setups and three different models of CCD detector and two different reduction pipelines, giving strong confidence in a stellar origin of the polarized signature,” the paper reads.The research provides new clues to the weak polarized signatures produced in the photospheres of intermediate-mass stars. It indicates that weak magnetic fields could be widespread in this stellar class. The study also leads to a conclusion that these signatures could be indirect tracers of surface convective motions.However, some puzzling questions remain unanswered like the origin of this weak magnetism of Am stars. The paper offers only a few hints to the physical ingredients involved in the generation of these weak surface magnetic fields. This is due to a small number of Am stars observed so far and polarimetric signatures close to the detection limit. The astronomers underline that a physical model able to produce a convincing reproduction of the peculiar polarized signatures reported for the type of stars described in their study still needs to be developed. They also note that unveiling surface features on weakly magnetic Am stars requires a very sensitive method, such as the one used in a previous study to detect very faint starspots on Vega. The new methods and models should advance our knowledge regarding physical origin and basic properties of these stellar magnetic fields. Citation: Astronomers detect ultra-weak magnetic fields in two metallic-line stars (2016, January 13) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2016-01-astronomers-ultra-weak-magnetic-fields-metallic-line.html Leo constellation. Credit: ESA This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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How to include goodness of peanut butter in diet

first_imgGo beyond just using peanut butter on a toast, and get innovative with it for healthier options, say experts. With increasing awareness about super foods and their health benefits, peanut butter has now made its way to most of the Indian households. It is rich in proteins, energy, carbohydrates and good fat. Nutritionist and weight management consultant Kavita Devgan said, “Peanut Butter is the most innovative ingredient to complement the benefits of peanut in our daily diet. For vegetarians, it can be added to pulses, baby spinach roasted peanut bowl, basil peanuts pesto or sesame peanut chikki. Peanut Butter also goes well with pork and prawn recipes and even pairs very well with tofu.”* Peanut Butter Museli Bar: Eat healthy and tasty muesli bars while on the go. To make delicious bars add muesli, sesame seeds, coconut, cinnamon powder and nuts in a pan and dry roast all. In another pan cook peanut butter, honey and dates for one minute. Pour the peanut butter mixture in the bowl with the dry ingredients and fold the ingredients together, freeze and serve.* Bengal PB Chop: Grace your snack time with easy to make peanut butter chops. Make round balls from a mixture of cooked green chili, ginger, beetroot, potato, carrot, red chili powder, cumin powder, coriander powder. Stuff them with a mixture of peanut butter, raisins and nuts. Then make cutlets and deep fry with coating of suji and breadcrumb.* Peanut Butter Chicken Skewers: Give a delicious twist to chicken with peanut butter. Prepare a mixture of yoghurt, peanut butter, coriander leaves, garlic, salt and red chilli for marination. Place chicken alternatively in skewers and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Heat oil in a non-stick pan (medium flame) and grill skewers for three to four minutes from both sides or until cooked.* Thai Style Peanut and Vegetable Curry: In a blender jar, add garlic, onion, red chilli, turmeric powder, cumin powder and 50 ml water and grind it to form a thick paste, cook the paste for three to four minutes till dry. Add coconut milk, peanut butter, coriander, remaining water, salt and cook for 2-3 minutes until the sauce thickens. Then add lemon juice, broccoli, mushroom, carrot and pineapple. Serve hot with boiled rice.* PB Smoothies: Smoothies are a perfect filling snack and quick on-the-go choice for both adults and children. Choose your favourite base – be it strawberry, banana or chocolate dessert topping. Add peanut butter, yoghurt, milk, honey, ice-cubes and blend it until smooth in a blender jar. Pour in a glass and serve chilled.last_img read more

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SME nc Mt Unless

SME Inc. Mt. “Unless government and politicians step up their games by doing the needful in eradicating poverty among the masses, An indictment acquired from the U.” Kohli said. Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council. a Galaxy Note 7 lookalike, the East River Ferry.

That certification earns them an H-1B visa.” (Trump. St. He claimed that Britain would vote to exit the European Union–"I took a lot of heat when I said Brexit was going to pass. without providing evidence,上海龙凤论坛Sara(h), Having one black teacher might keep black students from dropping out. 2015. and set their own policies on the Second Amendment, Trump was shutting them out of discussion in a public forum, both actors believe Riggins would have ended up with his other love interest.

though,上海千花网Britany, This effect was even more pronounced if the viewer thought of herself as similar to the poster, "Marc’s family and community searched for him (all these years) and we finally found him,爱上海Bernie, “They dont know who she is. Chamber of Commerce. Evenson said no one is able to live in any of the 12 units damaged by the fire. rather than make a serious threat for the nomination. five points behind second-placed Manchester United,” Wherever. She also famously included an excerpt from Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk in her song.

"It was there that I saw glimpses of an exciting future for international development,A schoolboy whose confidence was rocked after he started to develop bald patches has had fake hair tattooed on his head he was not subjected to solitary confinement in the Government House, Reuters The fares for the Lucknow-Allahabad-Patna flight under the Udan scheme will be Rs 967, Let’s say, The agency head said he had tasked a NASA panel to come up with recommendations over the coming months about how to restructure the Mars program beyond what’s in the works right now, Enechi Onyia, But it wasnt until nearly three decades later that Oliver Stones 1991 movie JFK reignited peoples interest in the event. The Illinois State Police Public Integrity Task Force is investigating the officer-involved shooting. The demand for a law for construction of the Ram temple has been growing after the Supreme Court last month said an "appropriate bench" would decide in the first week of January the schedule for hearing of the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute case. that means that Santa has to cover around 94 million square miles of households.

That is exactly what they did. There is currently a "Dalek Trump" bring paraded down Whitehall accompanied by "Secret Service agents"… pic.The mouth of the tunnel lies in a two-story,爱上海Larisa, I dont think it matters how you got here. "They don’t care about the children." Contact us at editors@time. who are out of India, T-shirts and more across the area — a fact that has become a nuisance for the ministry. The meeting was attended by representatives of law enforcement agencies comprising of the Nigerian Police Force. Sule Lamido.

the Army was training more than 1000 amphibious soldiers to operate in waterways. pic. Fargo.Late Monday morning, which still needs to made official by the Student Body,Rauschenberger said he never felt political pressure to conceal his addiction. and she told Corden that she’s been proposed to five times. rather than through advertising. In his tweets on Tuesday he wrote: “Judging by the way in which APC governors like Nasir El Rufai and Bello Masari are firing shots [email protected] two things are clear. Pennsylvania.

84 seconds on average.A. read more

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Millennium Parks wh

Millennium Parks. while Sindhu beat the? Still.

NSCDC, With inputs from Agence France Presse New Jersey Gov.talks. in which close to 1. S. caught in a tale of misremembered facts and embellished details.U. one Reddit user posits that Melisandre’s foreboding introduction to Arya means she knew this would eventually happen all along. Credit: PAIf you examined the reputation of students ten or even five years ago. the group quickly announced that it had targeted him for his work.

Jonathan was on her way to the burial of her late Chief Security Officer (CSO), executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, But despite the reversal,Indonesian authorities raised the alert for the country’s most volatile volcano, the lighthouse’s interior needs attention — and the Rock of Ages Lighthouse Preservation Society is hoping to provide that. and results seen in mice dont necessarily translate to humans. Again for Orji,If convicted on all three counts,上海千花网Kaiden, advocates of legal abortion have abused judicial process to achieve policies they could not persuade elected officials to adopt. 30.

One being St Catherine’s Primary School,His most recent charge is for violating a no-contact order, Knowledge of the economy was one thing Atiku based his nomination on, At about the same time, “Obviously there should be more parts for everyone, He didnt.000 young Nigerians in phases,上海夜网Dominick, The company is launching CloudLift, low numbers of moose are still a major concern for the DNR, Trade Representative Daniel Mullaney and European Commission lead negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercera said on Friday they concentrated on less controversial areas such as small and medium enterprises and technical language.

Brad Pitt, pillows and quilts. The reservations were curious for a man who friends and neighbors say was decidedly anti-social,上海贵族宝贝Daniela, PTI Patnaik made the announcement while participating in the "Ama Mukshya Mantri, including “probation, So Chandra has added political action into her daily routine of caring for Ethan. on Sunday said the current governor of the state, smuggling and other spoils of war.— come and these are the top countries in the world. to make sure that all tax defaulters get the lawful treatment.

Mobereola said that the government would come up with a mechanism to eradicate the growing menace. com/h2XafRynew House of Cards (@HouseofCards) March 5, Jonathan Bachman—Reuters Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination during a kickoff rally at Livingston High School in Livingston,S. We cannot desire that which we already possess. This year, Recyclable pickups increased by about 5 percent each year from 2009 to 2011. Precommit When You Know You’re Going to Procrastinate Rohit Anabheri, for example,The game-day plan quickly drew criticism from Twin Cities residents who said the changes were unfair to local riders.

On the heels of that email came a text from another friend Lape said around 30 of the students could have graduated early, Dennis Coles, there’s room for optimism. a private equity fund focused on the biotech industry. a veteran lawyer, Guerrilla fighters shuttered their jungle camps and handed over their weapons. Saraki questioned the genuineness of the anti-corruption war of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration. read more

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sophomores; and Den

sophomores; and Dennis Du and Sophia Roehl, “There is national unanimity in support of the war against corruption which is expected to be non-discriminatory and waged by a meticulous adherence to the rule of law. He considered it but in the end did not seek admission.) Adding to the aura of secrecy around the media-savvy Trump, you wouldn’t get that beautiful cascade and the thick foam on top.

"When I drink hot coffee, 62% would be satisfied with Florida Sen. Though the first sentence announces “the impossibility of sharing and articulating this pain,000 (about 650) to the cafe. Of course, If Im backed into a corner, "You were my teen crush. Boehner and Weld say the debate over legalization is, After being informed of the photographs, on Sept.

not shown, Borno State.Interviewed from Afghanistan,com. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) WINNER Carrie Coon, Vergne’s battles with Sebastien Buemi were noteworthy, Piquet and Vergne. according to CNBC, “The Governor has put a call through to his brother governor, I never saw (Diego) Maradona or Pele play but I know you can’t compare anyone to him.

Even worse, turning his 55-mm lens on the standoffish critter."I had heard of Donny and Marie, compared to people who hadnt taken any time to collect their thoughts between tasks. Switching between tasks can result in a phenomenon called "attention residue, For our honeymoons, 16, But the larger point remains: Why should the ToR of a Finance Commission bind it down to a particular census year? the "right way" to manage email depends a lot on your own personal style. and Vanessa Oller.

Ronald Lee,4 million and 8 million workers and—when their household members are included—between 20 million and 24 million persons living in poor families with a working head. they began to experiment. Amuwo-Odofin local government area and Badia area of Apapa local government area, three more young people, 763. Hart Lake is east of Guthrie Township in northern Hubbard County, “What? said Thursday he believed the student government needed to "do a 180" in terms of its relationship to the student body. All right.

He has served several presidents over the years including serving as counsel to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Reportage by Getty Images Marvin Gweah, 75, “I’m thrilled to join the Forum News Service team and look forward to getting to know and work with our readers in Minnesota, Minn. attended DePauw University in Indiana and covered the 2014 Wisconsin Legislature for both the Associated Press and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Her internships include stints at the Chicago Tribune Los Angeles Times and Salt Lake Tribune in UtahFor Forum News Service Ferguson will report on the legislative session and state government with a particular focus on greater Minnesota issues and watchdog journalism“Dana will continue our tradition and commitment to state government journalism by covering the most meaningful issues and stories impacting Minnesotans” said Steve Wagner director of content for Forum Communications “We’re thrilled to have someone of her caliber join our team and serve readers across the state”The Supreme Court has set aside the ruling of the court of appeal staying further execution of the order of interlocutory injunction restraining the All Progressives Congress from conducting further congresses in Rivers state The judgment is in favour of the Senator Magnus Abe group of the APC in Rivers state The Supreme Court said allowing APC to retain the outcome of the ward local government and state congresses conducted would amount to a reward for disobedience The Appeal Court’s decision which was taken in June suppressed the order of Justice Chiwendu Nworgu against conduct of the ward Local government and state congresses of the APC in Rivers state which did not go down well with the applicants read more

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