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who was suspended in June for leading a “lavish lifestyle”.The decision to punish Banerjee was taken at the end of a two-day state committee meeting of CPM which concluded on Tuesday A Rajya Sabha MP Banerjee was suspended from the CPM on June 2 for three months and a three-member internal inquiry committee — led by MP Mohammad Salim — set up to look into the allegations The committee had submitted its report to the state committee on August 2 Sources said the committee had found prima facie evidence that some allegations against Banerjee were true On Monday the matter was taken up at the party state committee meeting Sources said members were divided on whether to expel Banerjee from the party or remove him from the state committee “Banerjee is a young leader and his performance in Parliament has been appreciated by all of us We do not want the ultimate punishment (expulsion from party) for him as per the party constitution But there will be punitive measures taken against him The final decision will be taken by the central committee But he must get some punishment for his own rectification” CPM state Secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra said “After considering the committee’s report and listening to Banerjee’s response regarding the allegations the state committee has given credence to the report The committee also feels that he needs rectification” he added Mishra said Banerjee will remain suspended from the party till the party’s central committee takes a final decision “He will continue to perform as a Rajya Sabha MP according to the directions of the party and will also look after party’s district level activities” Mishra said Banerjee had sparked off a controversy in February after he allegedly wrote to a private company asking it to take action against its employee who had questioned his lifestyle This was after he had posted a photograph of himself on Facebook sporting an Apple watch and a Mont Blanc Pen After a Democratic Youth Federation of India (CPM youth wing) member questioned on Facebook how a communist leader can sport such expensive gadgets Banerjee allegedly wrote to the company where he was employed and demanded disciplinary action against him The CPM state committee had then publicly criticised Banerjee and cautioned him Banerjee is the former general secretary of SFI He was elected to the Rajya Sabha from West Bengal in February 2014 He had attended South Point High School in Kolkata and has BA and MA degrees in English from Calcutta University He has been accused of leading Left youth workers to harass state Finance Minister Amit Mitra in New Delhi Under Banerjee’s leadership a demonstration was organised outside the office of the Planning Commission in April 2013 where Mitra and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee were present Mitra was heckled by SFI members there and Banerjee was seen in video footages raising slogans against Mitra Later Banerjee had apologised for his conduct For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by New York Times | Published: May 2 2012 3:38 am Related News Do voters want a guy they can loveor just someone to fix the pipes What sort of thing is a presidential campaign Maybe a campaign is like a courtship A candidates job is to woo the electorateto win the peoples affection with charmfamiliarity and compassion Maybe a campaign is like a big version of American Idol It is a contest over who is the most talented In this modea candidates job is to endear himself to the people in the audience with likeability and then wow them with his gifts Maybeon the other handhiring a president is like hiring a plumber Voters arent really looking to fall in love with the guy; they just want someone who will fix the pipes The candidates job is to list the three or four things he would do if elected and then to hammer home those deliverables again and again You could make a case that most campaigns are a little of all threethough the proportions vary from year to year In 2008Obama ran an uplifting campaign that was part courtship and part American Idol Richard Nixonwho lacked such charmran workmanlikeplumber campaignsno pun intended So farthoughthe 2012 presidential campaign is fitting into none of these categories Its being organised according to a different metaphor This yearboth organisations seem to visualise the campaign as a boxing match or a gang fight Whichever side can hit the other side harder will somehow get awarded the champions belt So far this yearboth President Obama and Mitt Romney seem more passionate about denying the other side victory than about any plank in their own agendas Both campaigns have developed contempt for their opponentjustifying their belief that everythingthenis permitted In both campaignsyou can see the war-room mentality developing early Attention spans shrink to a point Gone is much awareness of the world outside the campaign All focus is on the news blip of the moment answering volley for volley If they bring a knifeyou bring a gun If they throw a bombyou throw two Both sides are extraordinarily willing to flout respectability to show that they are tough enough to bare the knuckles In Novemberthe Romney campaign ran a blatantly dishonest ad in which President Obama purportedly admits that if the election is fought on the economyhe will lose The quote was a distortionbut the effectiveness of the ad was in showing Republican professionals and primary voters that Romney was going to play by gangland rulesthat he was tough enough and dishonest enough to do sotoo Last weekthe Obama campaign ran a cheap-shot ad on the death of Osama bin Laden Part of the ad was Bill Clinton effectively talking about the decision to kill the terrorist Butin the middlethe Obama people threw in a low-minded attack on Romney The slam made Clinton look smallit made Obama look smallit turned a moment of genuine accomplishment into a political ploybut it did follow the rules of gangland: At every secondattack; at every opportunitydrive a shiv between the ribs This martial-gangland-style of campaigning apparently makes the people in the campaigns feel hardheadedprofessional and Machiavellian But its not clear that its actually the best way to win an election Thats because the style is based on a series of dubious assumptions: that the harshest language is the most persuasive to voters; that what feels good to you as a competitive combatant will also look most attractive to detached onlookers; that over the duration of a six-month campaigndaily combat will continue to look compelling rather than cumulatively revolting; that in a campaign dominated by super PAC negativitya presidential candidate is better served by wading into the brawl rather than separating himself from it The campaign-as-warfare metaphor may seem sensible to those inside the hothouse It may make sense if you think todays swing voters hunger for more combatmore harshness and more attack But its probably bad sociology and terrible psychologygiven the general disgust with conventional politics If I were in the campaignsId want to detach from the current rules of engagement and change the nature of the campaign If I were ObamaId play to his personal popularity and run an American Idol campaign likeabilitybalancesafety and talent If I were Romneysaddled with his personal diffidenceId run a plumber campaign you may not love mebut heres four things I can do for you These would be very different campaigns than the ones we are seeing so far: more positive psychologyless negative psychology A few big messages about fundamental changeless obsession with the daily news cycle More attention devoted to those turned off by politicsless to the hard-core denizens who are obsessed by it For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: Actress-turned-politician Roopa Ganguly of the BJP who on Wednesday approached the Election Commission with her grievances said her complaints regarding the fourth phase of the West Bengal assembly polls were not being addressed properly Roopa Ganguly File photo PTI "I am being shunted from returning officer poll observers to chief electoral officer There were 131 incidents I have submitted necessary documents. let’s see what happens I don’t think they (the poll panel) have awakened from their sleep yet" Ganguly told the media The BJP’s star candidate on Monday faced angry protests by Trinamool Congress activists in Howrah North during the fourth phase of the assembly polls The actress-turned-politician who is contesting from Howrah North alleged "rampant booth capturing" and voter intimidation by Trinamool goons in her constituency A police case was registered against her for assaulting a woman voter and preventing her from casting her ballot Written by Alok Singh | New Delhi | Published: April 25 2017 4:11 am Top News The Delhi Metro security staff and local police have been on their toes since Friday in search of a 21-year-old speech and hearing impaired woman who went missing from Adarsh Nagar Metro station Police sources said the woman was unable to get out of the Metro at Jahangirpuri station while her mother and sister deboarded The incident came to light on the evening of April 21 when the woman’s mother approached the Metro police station The incident had taken place in the afternoon “Just before they were about to reach Jahangirpuri Metro station an announcement was made about the upcoming station The mother and the 21-year-old’s sister hurriedly got down with the crowd of commuters while the woman got left behind” said police The moment she realised her daughter was still in the train the mother started shouting — but the doors had already shut by then “The mother then informed security officials but in vain” a police source said Police sources said the family which resides in Haiderpur was heading home when the incident took place After searching for a few hours the mother approached Metro railway police which launched a hunt and started scanning footage of CCTV cameras installed on the yellow line On Monday police found a CCTV video showing the girl coming out of Adarsh Nagar Metro station The video shows someone helping her pass through the automatic fare collection gate at the station DCP (metro) Jitendra Mani told The Indian Express that after the CCTV footage came to light local police were informed “Both local and Metro police are looking for her” said Mani Police said the girl’s father works at a shop in Haiderpur while her mother is a housewife For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Madhu Purnima Kishwar | Published: April 21 2015 12:00 am We are told given the congestion in Delhi that there is no space for NMV lanes or hawker zones But authorities have no difficulty finding space for motorways even though this has meant that the city is choking (Source: Express Photo by Ravi Kanojia) Related News Even before its knee-jerk crackdown on polluting vehicles the National Green Tribunal passed a far more absurd sultani farman on February 17 banning street vendors and cycle rickshaws from select areas in Delhi on the ground that “such offenders add to the pollution of environment and degrade the air quality to the extent which is very injurious to human health they should be liable to pay compensation in terms of Section 15 of the NGT Act 2010” By what stretch of imagination can cycle rickshaws and vending carts be accused of causing air pollution Cycle rickshaws are in fact the most eco-friendly mode of short-distance transport They don’t consume petrol or diesel nor do they cause sound pollution A rickshaw charges a fraction of what a taxi would charge for the same commute Similarly mobile street vendors use non-motorised carts to carry items of daily necessity such as fruits and vegetables to the doorstep of the consumer They save us the time money and bother of having to go in motor vehicles to buy daily requirements from crowded markets where parking is a nightmare Since their overhead costs are low hawkers sell goods at lower prices than chargedin established shops They use mainly natural light and hence save on power By contrast regular stores use fans coolers and ACs in addition to numerous lights to ensure better display of goods Manushi has battled for nearly two decades to convince authorities that cycle rickshaws and street vendors deserve to be encouraged if we want to control carbon emissions Unfortunately municipal policies in all cities and towns have kept street vendors and cycle rickshaws trapped in a web of illegality through restrictive licensing policies This makes them easy targets for clearance operations and confiscation drives which are used by the police municipal authorities and politicians to extort hundreds of crores by way of bribes (Illustration by: C R Sasikumar) In response to public hearings organised by Manushi then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had announced a new rational market-friendly policy for street vendors and cycle rickshaws in August 2001 Vajpayee’s colleagues in the BJP worked to sabotage the implementation of that policy However Manushi persisted and managed to wrest from the NDA government a National Policy for Urban Street Vendors in 2004 even though the government made no attempt to actually implement it It took another 10 years before the UPA enacted the Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act in 2014 It has many weaknesses but it mandates that vendors cannot be arbitrarily evicted Instead they have to be given secure places in duly designated hawking zones But since the act has not been implemented on any scale street vendors are still hostage to extortion rackets The cycle rickshaw battle went another route Frustrated by the resistance of the concerned authorities to dismantle the licence-quota raid raj as envisaged inVajpayee’s policy Manushi approached the Delhi High Court in 2007 to challenge the many lawless and unconstitutional provisions governing the operation of cycle rickshaws that enabled the police and municipal employees to confiscate and destroy cycle rickshaws at will Every year at least 60000 rickshaws were being destroyed and many more released after paying hefty fines and bribes On February 10 2010 the Delhi High Court declared the existing rickshaw policy as unconstitutional and struck down unrealistic quotas for licensing It prohibited confiscation and destruction of rickshaws and ordered the Delhi government to constitute a special task force to decide on a new policy that treats NMVs as an integral part of road traffic by providing “equitable” road space for them I was a member of that task force headed by then chief secretary Rakesh Mehta who did a great job of finalising a new policy and legislative framework for NMVs in record time However the police and municipal authorities were perverse enough to challenge it in the Supreme Court which fortunately upheld the high court order Since then it has been an uphill and frustrating battle to get the new policy implemented It requires the open registration of NMVs as wellas dedicated tracks for NMVs and proper footpaths for pedestrians However the police and municipal authorities seem bent on preventing this from happening despite the fact that a special bench of the high court is monitoring progress We are told given the congestion in Delhi that there is no space for NMV lanes or hawker zones But authorities have no difficulty finding space for six- to eight-lane motorways even though this has meant that the city is choking with petrol and diesel fumes Likewise the city government can’t find place for hawkers though it is bending backwards to earmark huge tracts for car parking Most vendors take less space than what’s needed fora medium-sized car and would gladly pay the authorities three to four times the amount car owners pay to occupy prime locations The space occupied by a car becomes dead for all others whereas street vendors create convenience for customers generate their own livelihood and social wealth by providing low-cost outlets for farm produce and goods produced by small-scale industry All first-world cities have pedestrianised city centres and encourage cycling by having safe dedicated NMV tracks to reduce the use of motor vehicles Asian cities like Bangkok Kuala Lumpur and Singapore have well-organised hawker zones They have wide and beautifully maintained footpaths that make walking a pleasurable experience By contrast both cycling and walking on Indian roads are a nightmarish experience because our government thinks only of motor vehicles when designing roads There is an active hostility towards those who follow a non-polluting lifestyle whether out of choiceor compulsion Is it any surprisethen that the very act of breathingin India has become a high risk proposition The writer is a professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies Delhi and founder president Manushi Sangathan (Series concluded) For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsCopts call for action over church closures in southern Egypt | Reuters India Reuters Oct 29 2017 22:30:14 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Oct 29 2017 22:30 PM | Updated Date: Oct 29 2017 22:30 PM Tags : New Delhi: The AAP on Thursday claimed that ABVP activists themselves raise anti-India slogans and foment trouble in educational campuses a day after violent clashes at Ramjas College in Delhi involving the RSS-backed students body The party also hit out at the Centre and the Delhi Police accusing them of "shielding" the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activists who it alleged resort to violence campuses Reacting to Wednesday’s violence by ABVP volunteers at Delhi University’s Ramjas College over a seminar invite to JNU students Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid AAP leader Kumar Vishwas termed it a "diversionary tactic" by the BJP which he said has sensed defeat in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh "The Delhi Police is under the Centre’s control but it (the Centre) could not arrest those who raised anti-national slogans in JNU last year as it was busy forming government with PDP’s Mehobooba Mufti in Jammu and Kashmir) Ramjas College protests News18 "Their people (the ABVP) go to some campus and raise anti-India slogans and then the ABVP activists themselves resort to violence while the police works with them" Vishwas alleged The party sought to link BJP with a Pakistan-run espionage racket and alleged that the arrested person "printed BJP banners using ISI’s money" The BJP however had denied association with the arrested people Eleven people were arrested from different places of Madhya Pradesh on February 9 for being part of an alleged espionage racket being run from Pakistan to collect strategic information on important Indian establishments Citing media reports Vishwas claimed that a member of the IT cell of the Madhya Pradesh BJP was part of the espionage racket "He (the arrested person) has nexus with BJP workers When the JNU incident took place the same person undertook a protest march "On one hand the BJP workers are taking money from the ISI and in return selling maps of defence installations hatching conspiracies to kill soldiers and on the other hand these (ABVP) pseudo nationalists are raising slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai "The pseudo nationalist’s BJP posters are being printed by money provided by ISI" he said Another AAP leader and Delhi Labour Minister Gopal Rai also lashed out at the BJP governments in Gujarat and Chhattisgarh for alleged atrocities on farmers and adivasis respectively Interestingly the AAP is also contesting Gujarat polls scheduled early next year Rai said the party has also approached the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) over the alleged atrocities in the two states” he said.citing ?there are 100 PAC men, In the shortest format, so I love have team-mates around, which begins in Mumbai on Saturday. 2011 12:43 pm Related News Actress Olivia Wilde has revealed that she was not actually nude in an upcoming sex scene for movie ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, dropped to last and came back through the field to fourth with a fighting display that earned him the Driver of the Day award. Located in the congested Muslim-dominated Pakmodia Street.

Can you at least help get the delayed Patna Metro project back on track? India had earlier posted 169/8 in their 50 overs.s a good opportunity to take the lead again, Dr PK Vasudeva was the moderator and Dr Manoj K Sharma,” it said.” said the, Shahs told the party leaders to spread even to rural areas, “In films,we hope that his warm and amicable mannerism will make people adhere to his advice, a senior police officer said Tau will act as a mascot for all traffic-related information His lathi represents authoritypolice said Taus awareness activities also include supervising road showsvisiting colleges and offices to spread awareness regarding traffic rules Police said he will also educate the Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) and will give traffic updates on FM radio in his Haryanvi accent For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News Several private dairies have reduced their milk collection or started buying milk at lower rates to maintain profit margins.

com) “I’m happy with my performances but I know I can push myself even more to be the best as possible. Since June 15, short and stocky frame, Bouhlel? to be addressed by the chief minister at Tilak Road on Saturday, One man embittered by his experience redefined the nature of India’s democracy as a “government that uses people, a petitioner who commutes from Noida, With every film I try to do better.6 in December. along with greater accountability to its primary clientele.

said the allotment on Tuesday was of little consequence.mesentery and pancreas.Chandigarh,This is unfortunate.which was later upgraded as a regional centre. For all the latest Chandigarh News,the curtains rose in an impressive way. he said. Now,politics?argue many businesspeople There is considerable logic in the argument that if Pakistani products can withstand competition from Chinawhy not India By following India-specific restrictive trade policiesPakistan foregoes its advantages of improving in competition and enter a billion-people market in a booming economy with a growing middle class At the same timeit is incumbent on the Indian leadership to allay Pakistans concernsremove Pakistan-specific barriers and help build confidence in their Pakistani partners Of critical importance in developing the regional economic structure is the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipelinedelayed in the face of US opposition India chose to pull back from the project in 2009 citing security and pricing reasons Sceptics link Indias decision to the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal Iran has completed its part of the pipeline and Pakistan has reaffirmed completion of the project during 2014 at the latest While India ostensibly maintains the option to return to itthis may be the time to rejoin this important project when Indias demand for energy is on the rise In addition to meeting its energy needsIndia could then contribute to the peace pipeline for the larger good of the region in which India is the major power In the spirit of natural partnership growing out of shared historythe leadership and people at every level must ensure that the forward movement is sustained this time Once confidence takes holdthe demands of globalisation and mutual advantages will necessarily lead to overland exchange of goods between IndiaCentral Asia and Europeand it will all be through Pakistan With trade and ideas traversing either sidethe people of the two countries should be able to look forward to a shared and a prosperous future too The writerformerly in the Pakistan Foreign Serviceis adjunct professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and visiting senior research fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBJP leader Smriti Irani on 5 July was moved from the Human Resource Development ministry to the Textiles ministry as part of the cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Narendra Modi In over a month since taking the post as Minister of Textiles department the firebrand leader is known to be at loggerheads with her senior-most bureaucrat — Rashmi Verma The Indian Express quoted some sources saying that even the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) had to step in to resolve the matter According to the report Irani has differences with Verma over aspects of the Rs 6000-crore apparel and textile package cleared by the Cabinet on 22 June They also disagreed on the preparations for a textile summit which was scheduled to be held in October Irani also repeatedly contacted Verma’s office seeking response on a range of issues — procedural administrative and policy-related Sources also witnessed a heated argument between the two in the presence of other officers This is not the first time Irani has made headlines for her fiery temper Since the time she was made a cabinet minister two years ago she has remained popular for her outbursts inside and outside of the Parliament Her role as the Human Resource Development minister has been widely criticised (alsogained her the displeasure of the RSS) and some critics also pointed out she is the one cabinet minister who has damaged the BJP politically Here are a few instances where Irani has been part of controversies: Twitter spats Ever since coming to power Irani has been part of various spats on social media platform Twitter with Congress leaders like Priyanka Chaturvedi and Rahul Gandhi In May 2016 after the Assembly Elections took place Irani got in to a spat with Chaturvedi over the loss of Congress in the state of Assam At the time she took a dig at Rahul Gandhi and said that ‘losing is his forte’ This spat kept her trending on Twitter for a long time In another instance in June 2016 Irani and Bihar Education Minister Ashok Chaudhary had indulged in a verbal duel on Twitter triggered by the use of ‘dear’ word by Chaudhary Irani objected to Chaudhary’s tweet when he taunted her about the new National Education Policy’s progress In response to the spat she wrote an open letter on Facebook post signed ‘Aunty National’ where she described the struggles women have to face on a daily basis She said that she is unapologetic about who she is and the hard work she does and that nothing and nobody could take that away from her or any other working woman She also referred to her Twitter spats when she said "So while many working women battle this challenge in confined working spaces I spat it out on twitter for my office travels with me But then there are some who say why talk about yourself at all surely one day they shall realise the amount of work you have done" A file photo of Smriti Irani PTI Rohith Vemula suicide On 17 January 2016 Rohith Vemula — a Dalit PhD student at the University of Hyderabad committed suicide after suspension from college The HCU had reportedly stopped paying him his fellowship money after he was found protesting against the campus authorities The issue snowballed into a political controversy after critics alleged that the HRD ministry had pushed for the Dalit students to be punished When asked to respond to the controversy Irani said in the Lok Sabha that Vemula’s death was used as a political tool She said "This is how politics was played on this child and his dead body Nobody allowed a doctor near him The police has reported. Not one attempt was made to revive this child Not one attempt was made to take him to a doctor Instead his body was used as a political tool Hidden No police was allowed till 630 the next morning Not me the Telangana police is saying this" Irani’s statements were branded as a lie by Vemula’s mother and various faculty at the university The incident inspired simultaneous protests by the Dalit community and the BJP was widely criticised for its stand on the Dalit community The Dailt’s are a major vote-bank and they were a major part of the 2014 victory of the Modi government Irani’s handling of the situation alienated the community The JNU row Soon after the Rohith Vemula suicide some students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University were arrested for on sedition charges after they organised an event on Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru who was hanged in 2013 The event caused clashes between the students of the JNU and the members of ABVP JNU Students Union president Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on sedition charges after he allegedly raised anti-national slogans The political controversy escalated when Home Minister Rajnath Singh released a statement "If anyone raises anti-India slogans tries to raise questions on the country’s unity and integrity they will not be spared" Smriti Irani jumped into the controversy when she summoned the vice-chancellors from across the country a week after the JNU controversy began to unfold and asked them to install a national flag on a 200-foor mast at a central location on every campus Her failed attempt to portray liberals as anti-national made her a target for a lot of criticism Her comments on the issue in the Rajya Sabha also kicked up a storm JNU VC appointment In the past Smriti Irani is known to have had differences with President Pranab Mukherjee over the appointment of JNU’s vice-chancellor In January 2016 Irani had made her preference clear when she referred VS Chauhan a scientist but Mukherjee chose M Jagadesh Kumar from IIT-Delhi This was not the first time that the apointment of college heads by Irani’s HRD minitry was mired under controversy In September 2015 there were rumours that Irani had asked BJP leader Subramanian Swamy to be the JNU VC Swamy even tweeted about this saying that he has preconditions that he would the ministry to meet The Degree row As soon as Irani took her post as the HRD minister there were allegations that she was not qualified enough for the post In 2004 when she was contesting for the elections she had claimed that she was a Bachelor in Arts But in 2014 she declared herself a Bachelor in Commerce A case was filed against her for making contradictory claims She also claimed to have a degree from Yale University which she later cleared was a six-day leadership programme DU’s FYUP programme Delhi University students and professors gave mixed responses to the roll-back of the four-year university programme a year after it had been initiated on the order of the HRD minister The roll-back caused a row between DU and the University Grants Commission which scrapped the programme However she was lauded in the political circles for her move with the Congress throwing their weight behind her decision The IIT Delhi controversy In December 2014 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi director RK Shevgaonkar resigned from his post He apparently resigned over Irani’s intervention in the campus affairs two years before he was due to retire from the post It was alleged that Irani had asked IIT to release salary due of Rs 70 lakh to former IIT-Delhi faculty – BJP leader Subramanian Swamy However Irani denied the allegations She made the claims that Shevgaonkar resigned because he was faulted for setting up an ‘illegal’ campus in Mauritius The IIT Mumbai controversy In March 2015 the chairman of the IIT Mumbai board renowned nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar resigned He gave up the post after alleged interference of the HRD ministry in the selection of three IIT directors which was a prerogative of the search committee according to Kakodkar The IIT Madra controversy IIT Madras de-recognised a students group who were complained against The Ambedkar Peryar Study Circle (APSC) was accused of being critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and creating a atmosphere of hatred Irani’s stand was unclear for she backed the institutes decision but later alleged that the ministry had no role to play in the decision and that it was taken solely by the institute Good governance day In December 2014 the HRD ministry sent out a circular to the schools to observe former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday – 25 December – as Good Governance day This was widely criticised by political pundits because they felt the move was a ‘communal design’ for it fell on the day of Christmas German-Sanskrit row In October 2014 the Board of Governors (BoG) of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) headed bu Irani decided to replace German language with Sanskrit The decision was later commented upon by the Supreme Court who asked the Centre to reconsider the decision as it would put additional burden on students in the middle of the session This issue was also brought up when Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Narendra Modi at the G-20 summit in November 2014 By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 22 2017 6:55 pm Soha Ali Khan practising the warrior pose (Source: Instagram/sakpataudi) Related News When you are a celebrity the need to stay fit is more of a necessity than just an overpowering desire to have a toned body In the entertainment industry not having a slender figure means setting off a torrent of criticism where bodyshaming simply becomes a part of reality So when Kareena Kapoor Khan walked about in unbridled abandon during her pregnancy it ushered in a new outlook towards body weight and of course expecting celebrities Over the past year we’ve seen the pregnant Bollywood mom-to-be brigade flaunt their pregnancy and Kareena was there leading the pack Well following her footsteps at the moment is sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan Not only is the actor dressing up in beautiful maternity wear and enjoying every bit of her pregnancy she is also showing others on how to stay fit during the nine months Recently Khan shared a photo on Instagram where she can be seen practising yoga the warrior pose to be precise dressed in simple black leggings and a yellow crop top Earlier this year she shared another photo which she captioned: “Who says you can’t stay fit when pregnant !

Shivangi is saved by some other naag while she was falling.which is a normal procedure.

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