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For all the latest Technology News,000 crore. If true,” Chang told PTI. “This is how it is these days. They can verify their marks and apply for revaluation if neeeded, Jadhav said Students will get original copies of marksheets on June 2 from their respective colleges For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: November 21 2013 4:11 am Related News A special CBI court in Panchkula on Wednesday dismissed the bail plea of Rajinder Sharmapersonal assistant of former Haryana Transport Minister Om Prakash Jain in the suicide case of the former sarpanch of Kambopura village in Karnal Sharma had been charged by the CBI for abetment to suicide under Section 306 of the IPC along with O P Jainindependent MLA from Panipat and Zile Ram Sharmaformer Chief Parliamentary Secretary of Public HealthIndustrial Training Institute and Printing Press and MLA from Assandh (Karnal) The latter two had allegedly accepted a bribe of Rs 125 lakh from 58-year old Karam Singh on the pretext of providing government jobs to his son and two nephews After failing to deliver the promiseJain and Zile Ram Sharma neither returned the money nor provided jobs despite queries from Karam Singh On July 72011 Karan Singh allegedly committed suicide and his body was found near National Dairy Research InstituteKarnal His relativeshoweveralleged he was threatened of dire consequences by the accused MLAs For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sanjib Baruah | Updated: August 20 2016 12:03 am More than anyone else she deserves to be left alone: To withdraw to private life if that’s what she wishes to do (Illustration: C R Sasikumar) Top News Irom Sharmila’s decision to end her 16-year-long hunger strike does not come as a surprise She had said many times that she does not want to be a martyr and that she is an ordinary human being with ordinary hopes and desires She has now concluded that no government in New Delhi will concede her demand of repealing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) Her decision to end her fast is in keeping with the Sharmila that the public has come to know Her supporters in Manipur and elsewhere should thank Sharmila for her extraordinary sacrifice and move on with their campaign against AFSPA without her iconic presence More than anyone else she deserves to be left alone: To withdraw to private life if that’s what she wishes to do The rest of us must bow our heads in deep appreciation of a remarkable woman for her extraordinary campaign of sustained “communicative suffering” It was an act of citizenship: Not in the routine sense of voting or paying taxes but an exceptional act of the kind that expands the horizons of citizenship from time to time Sharmila believes with all her heart that no self-respecting democracy should force citizens to live with a law like AFSPA a conviction that grows out of seeing the law at work in Manipur Those defending the law make arguments based on considerations of realpolitik and national security But that’s not the language in which Sharmila thinks Hers is a politics of situated knowledge and of a situated democratic imagination If the German language gave us the word realpolitik says French philosopher Bruno Latour the German Reich gave us two world wars There are far too many crimes he says that are committed in the name of realism No one should invoke realism when talking politically “without trembling and shaking” Supporters of AFSPA like to think of this law as a temporary and limited measure adopted to meet the challenges of particular exigencies That has not been AFSPA’s history People living under it see AFSPA as democracy’s arch-nemesis: A law that has unintended effects that are profoundly undemocratic apart from the intended ones It creates an impunity regime giving arbitrary powers to multiple state actors and to non-state armed actors as well In this grassroots understanding of AFSPA for example the wave of extra-judicial killings in Assam in the 1990s carried out by “secret killers” or death squads could not have occurred without AFSPA Those killings were portrayed in the press as being the result of warfare between the surrendered ULFA militants (SULFA) and the ULFA But few in Assam doubted that it was the counter-insurgency establishment that was calling the tune and that the SULFA cadres were often willing or reluctant accomplices This phase of brutal counterinsurgency — not technically empowered by AFSPA but a part of the grassroots experience of AFSPA — has since produced a number of powerful works of Assamese literary fiction The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is designed to protect the country’s economic infrastructure including airports: Not exactly a force intended to be covered by AFSPA But in 2007 the CISF was implicated in a shooting causing the death of a person in an area where it was in charge of guarding oil installations The incident was later explained as a case of “mistaken identity” AFSPA was not directly invoked But the CISF based its defence during the controversy on poor security conditions that required extra vigilance Local citizens protested the killing initially; but soon family members accepted monetary compensation from the CISF and the public mood changed The AFSPA regime as a close analyst of the episode observes creates “different expectations and concepts of justice” AFSPA has been in effect in most of Northeast India for the better part of India’s history as an independent country though its full force comes into play only when an area is declared “disturbed” Even in Mizoram — often portrayed by Indian officials as a poster child of successful counterinsurgency — AFSPA remains in force as a “sleeping act” a phrase used by the Mizoram government There has been much talk recently of a peace settlement with the Nagas But no one expects the withdrawal of AFSPA to feature in the final peace agreement Our policy elites seem incapable of imagining a future of Northeast India without AFSPA Sharmila fought a very long and lonely battle to end AFSPA She failed The rest of us should reflect on this sad chapter in our history Her hunger strike received wide media coverage from time to time — the world’s longest hunger strike etc — but her cause did not get much attention and support Journalist Anubha Bhonsle writes about Sharmila’s days in the nation’s capital when she tried to move her protest site from the hospital in Imphal where she was imprisoned to Jantar Mantar She was arrested and kept at the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital The nurse attending to her says Bhonsle “never understood why this woman who was quite capable of feeding herself had to be fed through a tube” None of the nurses knew anything about Sharmila and her cause Bhonsle reports the following conversation: “She’s from Assam side” said one “She is protesting about something there” “Arrey dimag kharab hai pagal hai” [Something wrong with her head she is mad] But it is not only that the national media or the general public had no interest The government in Manipur worked very hard to silence Sharmila When Justice Cyriac Joseph and Satyabrata Pal of the National Human Rights Commission visited her in Imphal in 2013 they found that while other prisoners could meet visitors and family members meeting Sharmila required the chief minister’s special permission “It would appear that” said the NHRC “while keeping her alive since her death would create problems for the state government it is trying to break her spirit through this enforced isolation for which there is no judicial mandate” That too is enabled by the AFSPA regime as people in Manipur experience it A scholar of India’s defence forces not known as a critic of AFSPA observes that there is hardly any officer in the Indian army now without counter-insurgency experience “When almost all the fighting that the army does is in counter-insurgency” he writes “it raises fundamental questions about not just the army and the security forces but much more so of the sad state of this republic” Sharmila’s is a voice of conscience that spoke powerfully to this sorry condition That her extraordinary campaign of communicative suffering fell mostly on deaf ears and that she has lost her battle does not bode well for the future of the Republic The writer is professor of political studies Bard College New York For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ajai Sahni | Updated: June 13 2015 9:23 am The media circus over the present operation will significantly dampen Myanmar’s enthusiasm for partnering with India in such a campaign (Illustration by C R Sasikumar) Related News A “new template” for India’s response to “terrorism” we are being told has been established by the “unprecedented” cross-border operation against two rebel camps in Myanmar There has been a great deal of atavistic chest-thumping by the present regime and its camp followers Prefacing his remarks with some psychobabble about the importance of changing “mindsets” Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar declared: “A simple action against insurgents has changed the mindset of the full security scenario in the country… Those who fear India’s new posture have started reacting” It is useful to put these vaunting assessments into some perspective It is an utter misconception that this is the first cross-border operation by Indian forces There have been many such operations in different theatres in the past but these were executed covertly maintaining full deniability which is the best indeed the only sustainable template for such action The only “unprecedented” element in the present case is the unseemly tamasha in its wake This was a relatively minor operation and will have only transient tactical and psychological significance An operational success has been imposed and the rebels who have till now had almost undisturbed sanctuary in Myanmar will lose their sense of impunity Over time however they will adapt and draw deeper into the jungles and take fuller precautions against discovery and neutralisation unless the present operation is followed up by a more sustained and enveloping campaign A joint operation with Myanmarese forces would likely secure the best results and this would require enormous diplomatic effort on the part of New Delhi even in normal circumstances Myanmarese authorities have cooperated with India in the past but have been relatively reluctant to do so in recent years because of India’s perceived policy ambivalence towards the regime in Naypyidaw Reassuring the Myanmar regime and securing its cooperation to end militant safe havens on its soil could shut down the last sanctuary for India’s Northeastern rebels — they have already been pushed out of Bhutan and Bangladesh Unfortunately the media circus over the present operation will significantly dampen Myanmar’s enthusiasm for partnering with India in such a campaign Embarrassed by India’s boastful declarations and by Pakistan’s equally crass retaliatory claims that it was “not Myanmar” Naypyidaw has already denied that the operation occurred on its soil or with its consent Before going to town about the operation Delhi should have understood that no state can admit to another country’s armed forces operating on its soil Even when Bhutan expelled the Northeastern insurgent groups with full Indian support the official line was that the “joint operation” involved troops from each country operating in tandem each on their own soil Sovereignty and the sanctity of the border were never admitted to have been compromised Operationally and logistically the Myanmar attack was unexceptional India’s security forces execute dozens of such operations — indeed often on far greater scale — each year within the country and in the present case were operating across no more than a notional border There is no physical demarcation of the border with Myanmar in the region and a free movement regime even allows local civilian populations to routinely move about unchecked to a depth of 16 kilometres on each side The border runs through communities villages and even homes with no perceptible impact In tactical terms consequently the operation would have been indistinguishable from any number of operations carried out within India No new capacities or templates have been discovered or demonstrated here Any pretence that this operation can have tactical or strategic significance in other theatres — and particularly in the enduring and perverse India-Pakistan dynamic — can only be based on exceptional ignorance or dishonesty Crucially the crude political posturing in the wake of the operation significantly undermines India’s long-term interests In this the present contretemps is not exceptional and reflects the proclivity of the present regime to take limited operational successes and transform them into controversies and sources of national embarrassment The case of the destruction of a Pakistani smuggling boat by the coast guard last New Year’s Eve falls in the same category — a modest operational success was claimed to have been “another 26/11 averted” exposing the government to credible allegations of falsification and fraud The political posturing on the Myanmar operation is worse It provides grist to India’s enemies and critics who have already been emboldened by Parrikar’s earlier statement expressing his determination to “neutralise terrorists through terrorists” Pakistan has long falsely claimed that India is behind incidents of terrorism across its soil Unguarded and immature statements and postures on the part of India’s present regime can only give such claims greater credibility among extraordinarily ignorant “international experts” and at global forums The Myanmar operation will leave behind no lasting legacy beyond the sorry spectacle of people in high office claiming undeserved victories seeking undeserved honours The highly partisan and politicised “debates” as well as the orchestrated leaks by the government and its supporters indicate an utter lack of scruples and complete dishonesty in harnessing every possible sham to peg their claims to attainment in the absence of real progress on critical quantifiable security parameters Protracted conflicts are not decided by small unit operations though these may play crucial roles in particular theatres and campaigns They are decided by the balance of power and the strategic sagacity of leaderships Strategic enlargement is a decades-long project; tactical flash in the pan operations have no impact on it Crucially strategic success can only be secured if our dedication to reality is complete It cannot be built on the false foundations of jingoism and hypernationalist fantasies Restraint maturity and a sustained effort to build India’s sinews — initiatives that will only begin to have measurable impact over many years — are what the present regime will eventually be judged by Meanwhile playing to the galleries may be an imperative of electoral politics but it must not be carried to a point where it damages national interest The writer is executive director Institute for Conflict Management New Delhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express AppWritten by Vishwas Waghmode | Mumbai | Published: January 26 2017 3:27 am Phase 1 of the Central Park (Source: Narendra Vasakar) Top News THE CITY and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) floated a tender last week to develop the second phase of a Central Park in Kharghar According to the officials from CIDCO it has earmarked at least 80 hectare for the Central Park in Sectors 23 24 and 25 in Kharghar Of 80 hectare phase I of the park on around 25 hectares was developed and thrown open to the public in 2010 Among the facilities it offers are musical instruments a children’s park and an amphitheatre Watch What Else Is Making News: “Now we want to develop the second phase of the Central Park which we have designed on the lines of London’s Hyde Park and New York’s Central Park But our attempt is not to emulate these historic parks it is to create a park which is in tune with the ethos of Navi Mumbai” said an official The second phase which will cover at least 55 hectare area would be developed on a Built Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis “The work involves the conceptualisation designing construction maintenance for certain years and then handing it over to the CIDCO The facilities are likely to be developed on the lines of Essel World or Imagica in Khopoli and may have roller coaster slides a Ferris wheel miniatures of the historic forts in the state or heritage buildings in the country” explained the official The official added that they are hoping to get theme based ideas from the bidders and the final call would be taken considering all the ideas “It virtually creates a green link between the hills dotting Kharghar and the creek while a natural channel runs from hills to creek with fully grown trees” said Dr Mohan Ninawe senior public relations officer of CIDCO Have a comment or suggestion for Notes From The Suburbs Write to [email protected] with subject line:Notes From The Suburbs For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 9 2017 9:36 am Judwaa 2 starsVarun Dhawan? 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