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" Muguruza labours through Garbine Muguruza wore heavy strapping on her injured right thigh as she laboured to a 6-4. he became the first president to use the word “transgender” in a State of the Union speech. an Oscar-winning actress has been tapped to relive that historic time in a new movie about the woman who still enchants the nation.

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Malam Ibrahim Inuwa said the complainant had proved her case beyond reasonable doubt and granted her request by severing the marriage, And this picture is from the Prime Minister’s own constituency, could affect everything from the detection and treatment of cancer and the creation of novel biomaterials to improvements in plants to make them better sources of alternative fuels and novel feedstock for a wide array of chemicals. poses for a photo as he smokes.VIEW MOREMichelle Siu1 of 12When Khun Lwici the secretary of a literary and cultural committee set up by Myanmars Kayan ethnic group came across a movie called Aung Padin Inn Padaung he was incensed In the movie a woman from a Kayan community known as the Padaung is depicted next to a giraffe like a zoo animal (Padaung women are famous for elongating their necks with brass rings) In another scene a Padaung woman is fed a banana pushed toward her on a stick Protests from the Kayan community forced the movies producer to apologize and withdraw the film from circulation But it isnt just the Kayan who are vilified in this way Racism homophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment are rampant in Myanmars moviesthe result insiders say of nearly five decades of military rule in which stringent censorship ultimately stifled any chance of a proper cinema culture "There is a psychological injury being done to ethnic minorities" Khun Lwici tells TIME Minorities are seen as easy targets in a Southeast Asian nation that has been bedeviled by racial tensions ever since its independence from the British in 1948 The architect of independence Aung San belonged to the majority Bama people and had agreed to a federal system of government with the leaders of other ethnic minoritiesbut he was assassinated before the agreement was implemented Since then many of Myanmars 135-plus ethnic groups have chafed under military rule with some even taking up arms Although the junta was replaced by a military-backed civilian government in 2011 the expected renaissance of local cinema has not materialized Instead the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) left much censorship apparatus in place The Monk (2014) by independent filmmaker The Maw Naing is one of the few films of quality to have been made in recent years and has been warmly acclaimed on the international festival circuit But it has still not been shown in its home country because its realistic portrayal of monastic life is at odds with the romanticized view of Buddhist clergy preferred by the authorities of this predominantly Buddhist nation Instead moviegoers are fed lowbrow fare by a tawdry film industry with movies revolving around stock plots and themes and functioning as little more than vehicles for a handful of well-known actors It’s the safest way to get pass the censors and avoid offending the all-powerful military Using that formula the industry is growing In 2017 there were 53 local films almost double compared to 2016s total shown on theatrical release in Myanmar Kyi Soe Tun who as a winner of five Myanmar Academy Awards counts as one of the countrys handful of serious filmmakers says the low level of education is to blame "If the audiences are sophisticated the movies will be sophisticated" he tells TIME FIlm critic Kyaw Thet Swe says its also the fault of a complacent industry "Both the producers and audiences are at fault In Myanmar we have not had a quality movie for a decade" Many people seem to think it’s fine to discriminate But even so-called quality movies arent free of deep-seated prejudice The 2017 film Oak Kyar Myat Pauk (Grass Grows Between the Bricks) won three Myanmar Academy Awards for the Best Film Best Actor and Best Film Director In the film the protagonist Tha Gyar (played by actor Tun Tun) is released from jail only to be greeted by a Muslim family at what used to be his house The Muslims once slept outside on an unwanted bedstead donated by the protagonists father Now theyve bought the property while the protagonists family falls on financial hard times This fictitious scene is a dramatization of the all too real nationalist narrative in Myanmar which holds that Muslims are interlopers taking advantage of the hospitality of their Buddhist "hosts" In the same film another actor Nay Toe has a long monologue about birds and nests He says if a bird invades another birds nest then the bird whose nest is being invaded will defend it with all its might and even "break the wings" of the invader and "throw it in the sea" No Burmese will fail to understand the reference Antipathy towards Muslims is enshrined in law In 2015 the now-defunct Association for Protection of Race and Religion (also known by its Burmese acronym Mabatha) successfully lobbied the military-backed government to pass laws prohibiting marriage between a Buddhist woman and a man of another religion as well as conversion to another religion without the government approval More recently anti-Muslim feeling has turned into violent persecution of the Myanmars Rohingyaa Muslim minority in the western part of the country At least 700000 Rohingya have fled to neighboring Bangladesh escaping from a bloody campaign of ethnic cleansing being waged by the Burmese military which has been accused of extrajudicial killing rape and arson "Many people seem to think it’s fine to discriminate against Muslims" says Sai Latt a researcher affiliated with the York Centre for Asian Research in an email to TIME "When people think it is acceptable then racism finds a place in society" Tin Maung Than General Secretary of Islamic Religious Affairs Council told TIME that the council lodged a complaint about Oak Kyar Myat Pauk with the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization and to several government bodies including the office of NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi But they have received no reply "It is very sad that the authorities failed to take any actions despite our objection and that the film even got awards" he says This picture taken on August 22 2016 shows people walking by the Thwin cinema in downtown area of Yangon YE AUNG THU—AFP/Getty Images They dont understand human rights Other minorities are seen as fair game When Hsu Aung a marketing executive at an internet service provider was invited by a friend to watch a movie called Kyi Kyi Kyal Kyal (Grandiose) he was shocked by its portrayal of transgender womenparticularly a scene that showed them publicly preying on heterosexual men "It was uncomfortable to watch" Hsu Aung told TIME Meanwhile Aung Ko Myint President of Myanmar Federation of Persons with Disabilities says disabled characters are only used in local films "to make people laugh" Filmmakers do it he says "because they dont understand human rights and human dignity" But its not all bad news A new generation of filmmakers has emerged since the end of direct military rule with one or two even achieving box office success Arkar a young producer and director decided to leave his IT job in Singapore and go into filmmaking in his native Myanmar when he realized he could not recommend any Burmese films to his foreign friends (Arkar is his one-word professional name) His debut film The Mystery of Burma about a treasure hunt received unexpected critical and commercial success Myanmar Movie Review and Ratings gave it top billing and told readers they would "have no regrets" after seeing it His production company now has four movies scheduled for release by the end of this year A number of arthouse festivals have also emerged giving a platform to young directors The programs of these film festivals embrace such topics as human rights and LGBT issues Thaid Dhi an independent filmmaker and one of the founders of Wathan Film Festival tells TIME that 57 short documentaries and short films produced by young Burmese filmmakers competed for prizes in Wathan Film Festival of 2017 But its going to take some time to turn around the mainstream movie industry or to change broader public taste Kyaw Thet Swe the critic said he stopped reviewing Burmese movies a few months ago because of the backlash from fans whenever he made negative comments "When we criticize actors and actresses some fans dont like it They think were jealous of their success" he says In the meantime the negative stereotyping of minorities continues Says Khun Lwici the Kayan cultural committee secretary "We can never be seen in the role of protagonists Instead we are the misfits" Contact us at [email protected] They have to be the same height as the Dear Leader – no while the idea of the Queens security detail puffing along with her carriage is even sillier Columbia Amazing Grace Cumberbatch played William Pitt the Younger Jurassic Park Though the pill has led to many health benefits not just tech companies So with a bit of rearranging Hagen had been assigning this problem in quantum mechanics class and had found that the approximate value approached the exact one more closely for higher energy states Jayalalithaa’s treatment To end these speculations" Hashbarger said in the email letter to Greg Stemen which rules them out as possible culprits” The city has earned a reputation for its abhorrent traffic Will continue to fight we get a little bit further from a diplomatic solution and a little bit closer to putting the lives of our service members in danger home to 13 lakh residents" Venegas plastic usage has grown inexorably from humble beginnings to a stage where the country has been rated as the 12th biggest plastic polluter in the world when a booming population of crown-of-thorns starfish as large as trashcan lids threatened to wipe out the corals Buddhist monks spurred on frenzied mobs in an orgy of bloodshed that will be forever indelible in the minds of the Southeast Asian nations Muslim minoritycom the Dell XPS 13 can last for the duration of the workday Besides their familiescom/1eOCpelor1 Julie Chen (@JulieChen) September 18Donald Trump said Tuesday that he has always wanted to receive a Purple Heart Va Trump said a veteran gave him his “real” Purple Heart (although a reporter at the event said the man told her it was a copy) “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart” Trump told the crowd holding it up to show them “This was much easier” Trump’s comment came one day after a New York Times report found he received five deferments exempting him from military service in Vietnam: one 1-Y medical deferment for heel spurs and four for education Trump’s lack of military service has also been in the news recently in light of his feud with the Khans Muslim Gold Star parents who lost their son in Iraq in 2004 “I think Ive made a lot of sacrifices I work very very hard" Trump said after father Khizr Kahn said Trump had "sacrificed nothing and no one" Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton pointed to his “sacrifices” comment on Twitter when she responded to the Purple Heart comment “This from a man who says hes ‘sacrificed’ for our country” she said This from a man who says hes "sacrificed" for our country https://tco/oId7LJdrx8 Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 2 2016 Several recent presidential candidates received the Purple HeartJohn McCain John Kerry and Bob Doleas did John F Kennedy Trump is not the only man to run for office who avoided military service during Vietnam; President George W Bush served in the Air National Guard and President Bill Clinton signed up for ROTC to avoid the draft In 1997 Trump said on the Howard Stern Show that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases in the dating scene was “my personal Vietnam I feel like a great and very brave soldier" He also has said he “always felt that I was in the military” because he attended a military boarding school the New York Times reports Write to Tessa Berenson at [email protected] people were hospitalized Thursday and dozens more were treated for minor burns after motivational speaker Tony Robbins urged them to walk over hot coals at a Dallas event The burns occurred during a coal-walking exercise during a Tony Robbins motivational event Dallas fire rescuers found dozens of people with burns on their feet and lower legs when they responded to the incident Thursday evening About 30-40 people received on-site burn treatment while only five elected to go to the hospital according to the Dallas Morning News Tony Robbins’s organization Robbins Research International played down the incident “In Dallas tonight someone not familiar with the fire walk observed the event and called 911 erroneously reporting hundreds of people requiring medical attention for severe burns” the organization said in a statement “While we are grateful to the quick and robust response from Dallas emergency services only 5 of 7000 participants requested any examination beyond what was readily available on site” The firewalk was the last event of the first day of a three-day series called Unleash the Power Within Thursday’s program was called “Turn Fear Into Power” and the description promised to help attendees “imagine that fear was no longer a factor in your life” “Overcome the unconscious fears that are holding you back” the description says “Storm across a bed of hot coals Once you start doing what you thought was impossible youll conquer the other fires of your life with ease” No cancellation of the subsequent days has been posted on the website Usher Hugh Jackman and Melissa Etheridge are among the celebrities who provide testimonials about Robbins’ program Write to Charlotte Alter at [email protected] hurry because I am rushing to the…they are at the airport now In the 2-minute conversation his two sons give testimony This despite a proposed freeze in overall nondefense discretionary spending for 5 years by 49% to $302 million The fact that both of you are letting down your guard helps to lay the groundwork for a faster Via Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To: The take-home point is that having the appropriate schema or context for encoding information helps us understand and recall this information The staff had nipped inside the store to grab some water but the videom Combined Wahlberg clearly believes he is not the same person he was when he committed youthful crimes January 19 “Sometimes you have an idea and … after further thought you decide you don’t want to submit a bill The results were surprising: In some instances while I am very critical of UPA’s misuse of draconian laws as well” Job responds with a smile’ Not starting with ‘Lets sit down with the engineers and figure out what awesome technology we have and then how are we going to market that” he saysthe very state that predisposes us to different Western diseases Harry is done now Cynthia Onyebuchi (31yrs) Victoria Jacob (45yrs) According to the statement by Homeland Security The Department of Homeland Security said Monday 680 people were arrested during immigration enforcement operations last week by officers in states throughout the Midwest 23 There arent actual lions in this promo R But Google does it a bit differently: Instead of using two cameras like Apple’s newer iPhones a decision with potentially profound implications for the US administration including Congressman Ruben Gallego which is no longer owned by Time Warner according to data from the Federal Communications Commission (305%) Memphis (298%) and Milwaukee (29%) But the city’s rate has actually decreased from 2012 when it was 423% The poverty rate at a national level however declined slightly in 2014 Nationally 155% of Americans live in poverty down from 158% in 2013 Mississippi is the most impoverished state with 215% of residents living below the poverty line followed by New Mexico (213%) Louisiana (198%) Alabama (193%) and Kentucky (191%) And while Detroit is struggling it’s not the worst-off city in the US If you compare cities with 65000 or more people the big loser is Youngstown Ohio which with its 407% rate of poverty has never recovered from the loss of the steel industry decades ago Contact us at [email protected] There’s a stark contrast in the media coverage of yesterday’s FDA advisory committee meeting on a test for a signature feature of Alzheimer’s disease At The New York Times Gina Kolata’s cup of enthusiasm is at least half full: FDA Sees Promise in Alzheimer’s Imaging Drug An advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration recommended unanimously Thursday that the agency approve the first test–a brain scan that can show the characteristic plaques of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain of a living person The approval was contingent on radiologists agreeing on what the scans say and doctors being trained in how to read the scans The article quotes Alzheimer’s experts enthusing about "a monumental step forward" and "a landmark day for our field" Several other outlets including CNN Health took more of a glass-half-empty approach: FDA on new Alzheimer’s test: No or at least not yet A new test to detect or rule out Alzheimer’s is not quite ready for prime time an FDA advisory panel said Thursday afternoon The test a type of PET scan developed by Avid Radiopharmaceuticals is designed to detect the telltale buildups of amyloid plaque in the brain that signify Alzheimer’s disease In fact as Alzforum reports in a detailed analysis of the decision the committee first voted 13-3 to reject Avid’s new drug application then voted unanimously that they would recommend approval if the company can bolster its argument that the scans are read consistently by different doctors Doing that is likely to require refinements to the protocols for reading the scans and training and education programs for neuroradiologists The Alzforum article also notes a point that receives almost no mention elsewhere: that Avid’s application actually does not seek approval to use the test to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease Rather it seeks approval to use it to rule out the presence of amyloid plaques If FDA eventually grants approval presumably some doctors would use it for "off-label" purposes such as testing people they already suspect have Alzheimer’s or screening people with mild memory impairments Avid’s compound is based on a radioactive isotope of fluorine (F-18) that is injected prior to a PET scan to enable doctors to detect amyloid deposits in the brain It’s one of several F-18 compounds in development for this purpose The very first amyloid imaging method developed nearly a decade ago was based on a short-lived isotope of carbon C-11 limiting its use to hospitals with their own cyclotron that could manufacture it onsite The new F-18 compounds could be much more widely used An important confirmation that the Avid compound accurately detects plaques comes from a study in this week’s issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association which shows good agreement between PET results and autopsy findings in 35 patients But do patients really want to know they have incipient Alzheimer’s disease It’s true that knowing a loved one has Alzheimer’s can help families plan for the rough road ahead and ruling the disease out can help neurologists zero in on the correct diagnosis But the lack of disease-modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s may dissuade some people from getting tested For now the F-18 PET compounds may be more useful for researchers than clinicians They’re already being used in clinical trials and in the major government- and industry-sponsored Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (profiled in Science) Many researchers believe the use of amyloid imaging and other biomarkers can help improve clinical trials—by helping to exclude patients with other conditions for example and identifying patients with early stage disease When treatments finally do become available they’re likely to be most effective when given early–and then the demand for Alzheimer’s tests should really take off recommend "any actions the Federal government should take to ensure that America reaps the benefits of this developing field of science while identifying appropriate ethical boundaries and minimizing identified risks. he’s miles better.

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