By Steinar Murud UPF Norway The UN International

first_imgBy Steinar Murud, UPF NorwayThe UN International Day of Family were celebrated on Diakonhjemmet University College in Oslo on Wednesday 22nd May under the title « The Family as the Fundamental Unit of Society – What does it entail?»The first speaker represented the Mormon Church and he spoke about the sacredness of the family.The second speaker was a researcher from the Norwegian Police University College. She had a lot to share about risk factors that could cause young people to go astray. She said many factors were eliminated on a societal level, but on a micro level, as in the families, there were still factors that could be improved.The third speaker was the former leader of the «The Nordic Network for Marriage». He led this campaign group before our new marriage laws were approved in the Parliament. He gave an update on some of the consequences of these new laws.The fourth speaker was the Norwegian UPF leader who spoke on the importance of celebrating such a day, as it is a day that concerns every one. Everyone has family relations to maintain. This common concern goes beyond nationality or religion and could be a common point that has the potential to bring all people together. The speeches were followed by a panel talk and questions from the audience.Finally, the speakers, whom we have known for a while, were all appointed Ambassadors for Peace.The evening, that had gathered around 30 people, ended with refreshments and informal conversations.last_img

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