By UPF Cameroon Fongoh Innocent The internationa

first_imgBy UPF Cameroon, Fongoh Innocent: The international day of families was celebrated this year in Cameroon on May 15, 2016 at the Muna’s Foundation in the city of Yaoundé. The theme for this year was “Families, Healthy life and Sustainable future.”The event which started at 4:00.p.m and ended at 07:00.p.m. witnessed the participation of 130 people. Among the audience we had religious leaders, a police commissioner and leaders of organizations. During this event three new Ambassadors for peace were distinguished and six blessed children were awarded the Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship granted by True Mother.The MC of the day was Mr. Ernst Paul Kamga a second generation. The program began with a prayer offered by Archbishop Tang (a Peace Ambassador) followed by the National anthem of Cameroon and the peace anthem. A word of welcome was given by Mrs. Van Iersel Rachel S.G. for UPF Centre region. Dr. Ndi George a Peace Ambassador read the speech of the UN secretary general.The main speaker was Rev. Fongoh Innocent Ndasi (S.G of UPF Cameroon) who elaborated on the topic of the day centered “the family as the school of love and peace.” He explained that in order for families to be healthy, they need to understand God’s original ideal for the family. Next, they need to understand what went wrong that caused our families to be unhealthy. Here, he laid emphasis on sexual immorality as the root cause to all problems faced by families. He added that in order to secure a sustainable future for our descendants, we have to restore our families.In conclusion he introduced Rev. and Mrs. Moon whose teachings (Divine Principle) provide all the answers to solving all problems faced by families in our society, nation and the world. Many in the audience were touched by the lecture and appealed for another such conference. He then invited all in the audience to attend seminars on the Divine Principle in order to have a clear understanding of the path to restore their families.There was a musical interlude before the second part of the program handled by Mr. Adrien Assembe a FFWPU young musician.This was followed by a video presentation introducing the Wonmo Pyeongae scholarship award granted by True Mother.After the video, the MC introduced the Rev. Edwin Plekhanov National Leader of Cameroon who clearly explained the Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Foundation and proceeded. Cameroon was granted with a total of 11 second generation receiving Scholarship with six in Yaoundé, ranging from secondary school to university.Next was the appointment of three new ambassadors for peace which included the president of Imams in the city of Yaoundé, a former Police Commissioner and the president of a Muslim Youth Association in Yaoundé.Towards the conclusion of the event, just before the closing remarks, there was a musical presentation offered by Amelia JinHee Edwin (a second generation).After the event many participants expressed their gratitude to those who invited them and promised to take part in Divine Principle seminars.last_img

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