Satoru Iwata Nintendos gamer president has died

first_imgEveryone is waking up this morning to some very sad and unexpected news. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president, died at the age of 55 on July 11 due to a bile duct growth.We knew that Iwata was dealing with some health issues last year because he missed E3. Before the show Iwata told everyone he couldn’t attend because his doctors said he wasn’t allowed to travel. A couple of weeks after E3 it was revealed Iwata was having a tumor removed from his bile duct. He then returned to work and we all assumed a speedy recovery had occurred. That was clearly not the case.Nintendo confirmed his death in a short statement posted on their Japanese website. Bile duct cancer currently has no known cure beyond surgery to remove the primary tumor and any spread to other parts of the body. If this does not happen, or the cancer is only discovered in its advanced stage, then only management of the disease can occur with a short period of time before death.Iwata’s death has come as a shock to both Nintendo and the gaming world as a whole. Although in recent years we’ve been talking about the struggles of the Wii U and Nintendo’s difficulties in terms of competing with mobile gaming, we can’t forget the achievements of the company under the guidance of Satoru Iwata.Iwata was the first Nintendo president who is no relation to the Yamauchi family and held the position for 13 years. During that time he introduced the unique dual-screen Nintendo DS and subsequent 3DS successor, shook up the console market with the motion-controlled Wii, and has also directly worked on Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, and the Animal Crossing games. Before joining Nintendo in the 1980s as a programmer he worked at HAL Laboratory, with Balloon Fight, Earthbound, and Kirby games all benefiting from his involvement.Satoru Iwata’s funeral service will be held on July 17. Our thoughts are with his wife Kayoko and those that worked closely with him throughout his career in the games industry.We’ll end with one of Iwata’s most famous quotes, which sums him up perfectly:“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.“last_img

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