Capcom is selling a wearable lightup Mega Man helmet

first_imgTomorrow signals the start of San Diego Comic-Con being held at the San Diego Convention Center. It’s also all the excuse Capcom needs to introduce some new and highly-desirable merchandize to its online store and the Capcom Booth during the convention. There’s some very cool stuff to buy, but a new wearable helmet has to take the top spot.As you can see in the image above, Capcom has decided to start selling a wearable Mega Man Helmet. Cosplayer’s and Mega Man fans rejoice!The helmet is constructed from ABS plastic with a high polish finish and retains the correct proportions from the very popular Capcom character. You’ll also notice a number of LED lights integrated into the helmet. In terms of answering the all important question of “will it fit my head?” Capcom has worked in a clamshell hinge, allowing the front and back to open until the head of choice fits inside. So, it probably will fit.The Mega Man helmet is not on sale just yet. It will be on display at the SDCC Capcom booth, and then put up for pre-order at the online store. Quantities will be very limited though, so it may be a case of hitting refresh repeatedly in your browser if you really must have one of these.The full list of new merchandize can be viewed on the Capcom Unity blog. However, two other products worth mentioning are the Ryu statue with LED-lit Hadoken fireball, seen above, and the MadCatz Street Fighter Fight Stick seen below.The Ryu statue will be available in Traditional White and Evil Ryu varieties, with quantities being “extremely limited.” The fight stick works with both the PS3 and PS4, has official Street Fighter IV artwork, and Sanwa Denshi buttons and joystick. Only 25o will be available and it seems only at the show, so be very quick in your sprint to the Capcom booth!last_img

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