Steam now letting you play games before theyre finished

first_imgThe gamers out there will be familiar with the creeping anxious feeling you get as the release of a much awaited game nears. If only you could get access to it early — if only there was a way! Well, now there is a way you can get early access to some games on Steam, and it’s called (fittingly) Early Access. There are currently only a dozen games in Early Access, but this could be huge and is certain to expand.The premise of Early Access is that interested gamers will be able to buy a game before it is “done.” By purchasing the game, you are given access to a title that grows and changes as the developers apply the finishing touches. The title won’t show up in the main Steam Store until it has been finalized, but you can be an important part of that process by offering feedback.It’s important to note this isn’t the same as pre-ordering a game. Content in Early Access is always going to be a full and playable experience, and it is likely you’ll get a break on pricing. Although, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be working perfectly. Developers can update Early Access players on the development process and are encouraged to push out new builds frequently.Early Access is launching with 12 games to start, but more will be added over time (Valve tells interested developers to get in touch). The Early Access titles include ARMA 3 Alpha, Kenshi, Kinetic Void, Under the Ocean, and Gear Up. Pricing varies quite a bit, with ARMA 3 costing $32.99 and Under the Ocean clocking in at just $6.99. Gear Up appears to be the only free game in Early Access right now.This system seems like a win all around. Users get deals on games that can be played early. Developers get crucial feedback during the development process. As for Valve, it benefits by adding a new facet to PC gaming.Check out the full list of Early Access games here.last_img

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