Valve confirms Steam for Ubuntu 1204 L4D2 as first game

first_imgWe first heard about a possible port of Steam and the Source engine for Linux back in April when Michael Larabel of Phoronix visited Valve’s offices. He confirmed Linux was a platform Valve had been thinking about for a while, and the project had been moving along slowly in the background. Then, last month Gabe Newell confirmed Steam for Linux will see a release in 2012.Yesterday, the project took another step forward as Valve launched the official Valve Linux blog. There’s a Valve Linux Team with individuals from there expected to post updates on a regular basis as to how the port is progressing. From this first post we have already learned a lot, though.Valve’s target is to release Steam for Linux as compatible with Ubuntu 12.04. The team is doing this simply because it is much easier to target a single distribution rather than Linux in general to begin with. Ubuntu is also a good choice because it is so popular, and will include many users who would class themselves as gamers, not Linux experts. Ubuntu is where many a first-time Linux user takes their first steps.The first Valve game has also been confirmed for Linux–it will be Left 2 Dead 2. The game is already running natively in the new Steam client on Ubuntu, with the next step being to make it perform as well as the Windows version. Valve also want to get all of the supporting features working that tie the game into Steam and the community.If you have any interest in Steam on Linux then the blog is well worth bookmarking. There’s sure to be a ton of information coming out of Valve as to how difficult/easy porting games is, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some video footage appearing there soon.Read more at the Valve Linux bloglast_img

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