Frustrated resident says Highway 99 corridor still dangerous to pedestrians

first_imgVicki Fitzsimmons recalled going to an open house held by Clark County in 2006 about infrastructure projects along Northeast Highway 99 between Northeast 99th and 117th streets. She recalled hearing some encouraging news about how the project called for more sidewalks along the corridor that’s particularly unfriendly to pedestrians.“I just thought, ‘It’s about time,’ ” she said.Since then, Fitzsimmons has kept the handout from the meeting that promised the highway “will become more pedestrian friendly” and set preliminary construction dates of winter 2011 and summer 2012 for the $2 million project.Twelve years later, the county has made some pedestrian-oriented improvements along the stretch. But Fitzsimmons said the corridor remains dangerous for pedestrians. She said she’s frustrated by the lack of progress, particularly as she’s watched other county projects move forward.“I just kind of feel like I’m banging my head against the wall,” she said.Fitzsimmons, who serves as president of the Sherwood Hills Neighborhood Association, said that having pedestrian-friendly infrastructure is a quality-of-life issue. She said that for some more vulnerable residents, it’s an issue of basic safety.She said there is a trailer park as well as apartments that house low-income individuals along the corridor. She said that many of their residents don’t have cars. Fitzsimmons also said they have no choice but to make their way to the store or bus stops along the busy highway using bike lanes or deteriorating patches of pavement. She said that sometimes she sees people in wheelchairs or pushing baby carriages.last_img

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