ESPN Deemed Cammys Thong Inappropriate for Broadcast TV

first_img A funny thing happened during this past weekend’s EVO fighting game tournament. Cammy player Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue was asked by ESPN to change his character’s costume halfway through a match. Why did this happen? Apparently, Cammy’s world-famous butt cheeks were unfit for live TV.As described on Kotaku, an EVO staffer stopped Kazunoko’s match after the first round and had him, and opponent Nuckledu go back to the character selection screen. Kazunoko switched to a costume that had Cammy wearing a dress instead of her signature thong. Kazunoko’s wasn’t sure why he was asked to change his costume, but ESPN confirmed to Compete that the “request was made per broadcast standards.”A similar incident happened at last year’s EVO, where Keita “Fuudo” Ai was asked to change the costume of his character, R. Mika. As you may know, this wrestling protege also wears a revealing thong. As with Kazunoko, Fuudo was allowed to resume his finals match after he switched to a more conservative costume.Fun fact: Fuudo was required to use the “Story 1” costume after his first match because the default was deemed too revealing by ESPN.— Ryan Harvey (@fubarduck) July 18, 2016What’s amusing about this story is how these strict broadcast standards apply to characters that aren’t even real. Sure, the current incarnations of Cammy and R. Mika are rendered more realistically than they were in the 90’s. At the end of the day, however, their booties aren’t flesh and blood. It’s also interesting how ESPN is perfectly fine showing volleyball (a sport where competitors show a ton of skin) but is afraid to show digital derrieres?With all that said, having competitors use less offensive costumes isn’t too much to ask for. After all, Cammy could be dressed up like a nun still play exactly the same way. Don’t be surprised if this ends up happening again at next year’s EVO.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target ‘Project Resistance’ Trailer Shows New Multiplayer ‘Resident Evil’11 Things We’re Looking Forward to at PAX West last_img

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