American Horror Story Delivers on Its Big Midseason Twist

first_img American Horror Story‘s showrunners promised us that everything would change in episode six. They weren’t lying. Right off the bat, things are different. We’re told that after the success of “My Roanoke Nightmare,” the network wanted a sequel series.The show begins with the producer of the show, Sydney filming his pitch meeting with the network execs. His idea: “Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell.” It’s a Big Brother-style reality show where the “real” Millers and the actors who play them in the reenactments, will live in the Roanoke house together during the Blood Moon. Sydney implies that all the horrors will be fake.He meets with Shelby, and we learn she had an affair with Dominic, the actor who played Matt in the reenactments. She doesn’t want to do the show and only agreed because it will give her a chance to reconnect with Matt. The real Matt. She requests that Dominic not be a part of the show. The producer agrees, but it turns out they just booked him on the show. He’ll be there.Immediately, weird things start happening on set. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Two weeks before the Blood Moon, we see the house being prepared. Cameras are being put in the walls, and parts of the house are being rigged with pop-up scares. The producers argue over whether the fake jump scares are really necessary, but are interrupted by a crew member. They find that someone has left a circle of bloody fetal pigs by a tree. Someone suggests it might be the Polk family, but we learn that they haven’t been seen in months.Sidney meets with Agnes Mary Winstead, the actress who played The Butcher, for what seems like a standard interview in preparation for the upcoming show. It turns out that after playing The Butcher, she had a psychotic break and ran through Hollywood with a cleaver. She insists she got help and is better now, but Sidney doesn’t believe her. He accuses her of leaving the circle of fetal pigs and serves her a restraining order. She is not to come anywhere near the house.Everyone involved in the production of the show seems to think that Lee murdered her husband. Part of the reason they’re doing this sequel series in the first place is to out Lee as a murderer. More of a concern, though, is the fact the actress who plays her is an alcoholic, and there will likely be alcohol on set. Before either of these concerns can be worked out, the producers are summoned to the set where a crew member has just died after being attacked by his own chainsaw.Diana sees something strange in the road. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Sidney writes it off as an accident, but his partner, Diana is freaked out and quits the show. As she’s driving away, she records herself stating the exact reasons she’s leaving. Creepy things have been happening ever since she started working on the show. She sees a figure that looks a lot like The Butcher in front of her car. Because she knows exactly how horror movies work, she does not stop to see who it is. Her smart decision-making gets her nowhere, however, as she is grabbed by the pig-man from the backseat of her car. We’re told police found the footage we just saw weeks later. Her body was never found.We then meet Audrey Tindall, the actor who played Shelby in the reenactments. She reveals that she and Rory Monahan, who played Edward Mott, started dating during filming and have gotten married. They arrive at the house and see a figure who looks like Agnes break a window. We learn that Agnes had attacked Audrey’s home out of jealousy after Audrey won a Saturn Award for her performance.Matt and Lee arrive at the house, and things are immediately awkward between the real Matt and Shelby. They’re all given phones, but only the cameras on them work. You know, because working cell phones would ruin 99 percent of horror movies out there. They’re told to use the phone cameras to document their own experiences. Matt directs everyone’s attention to the almost-full red moon. Now, we’re finally told what kind of show we’re watching. Over the course of the blood moon, we’re told, every participant in the show died except for one. The show never aired and we are watching assembled footage of the events. The Blair Witch is strong with this one.Why would anyone willingly stay in this house? (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Audrey and Rory have sex in the hot tub while everyone else prepares to crash in their separate rooms. As Lee walks through the hall, the ghost of her ex-husband Mason passes behind her, burns all over, and stares directly into the camera. He’s not in any other shot. Audrey leaves Rory in the hot tub to take a shower while Shelby goes down to the basement to talk to Matt, who’s not sure if they’ll survive this time. Shelby suggests they leave the show and go home, but they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Dominic arrives, and Matt flies into a rage and starts punching him. Rory breaks up the fight.Audrey gets out of the shower sees the pig-man in the mirror standing behind her. She runs downstairs and tells everyone what happened. Rory searches the upstairs but finds no pig-man. He does find two zombified nurses who stab him to death. Matt notices that the bloody writing on the wall is suddenly completed and now reads “MURDER.” He joins the others in the kitchen and announces, “The ‘R’ is for Rory.”This episode started out pretty slow. We had a lot of set-ups to get through before the scares started coming. Once all the pieces were in place, though, it all made for a pretty terrifying episode. It was especially interesting seeing the two nurses look completely different from what we’ve seen before. It’ll be fun to see what each monster/ghost/villain “really” looks like. The stakes are also higher now. For the first half of the season, we knew everyone survived. How else could they be telling us the story? Now, we know that all but one dies. Nobody is safe anymore, and the show feels tenser because of it. Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekAmerican Horror Story Takes Us Back to the Days of Witches and Warlocks Stay on targetlast_img

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