Facebook reaches 750 million users worldwide

first_imgFacebook’s numbers are just growing and growing–to the point that everyone these days is a member of the social network. In fact, Facebook’s worldwide growth just hit 750 million monthly active users.Though Facebook hasn’t confirmed it, TechCrunch reported the information from a “source close to the company.” Facebook hasn’t actually shared much about its traffic numbers since it hit the 500 million mark about a year ago. Goldman Sachs reported in January that the site had reached the 600 million mark, but still, that wasn’t confirmed. And in May, Facebook was said to be hitting the 700 million user mark. The non-confirmed numbers can sometimes be a little iffy as they’re based off of third-party companies which may not be 100-percent accurate.AdChoices广告The important thing to note here is that when we say 750 million monthly active users, we don’t mean 750 million members. You can be a member of a site and not log on for months at a time. This number is defined as a person who logs in at least once every 30 days.The number isn’t surprising with a large amount of Facebook users now accessing the site on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Additionally, we learned yesterday that one in seven grandparents use social networks, so we’re getting a larger amount of people over the age of 60 spending time on social networks. Facebook holds about 71 percent of the number of social-networking grandparents–Twitter holds 34 percent, and LinkedIn holds 9 percent.Facebook may not announce the exact number of users until it reaches the 1 billion mark. With countries like Brazil, which has a population of over 200 million, starting to use Facebook more the worldwide number could still hit the 1 billion mark before 2012.via TechCrunchlast_img

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