Hamilton man injured in dog attack

A Hamilton man who was hurt when his dog was attacked at an off-leash park is undergoing a series of rabies shots, in part because he couldn’t find the aggressive dog’s owner afterwards.When Lola the beagle was grabbed by a big dog as they entered the Heritage Green Dog Park, she and her sister Lexi were both screaming.“Got in the gate and suddenly there was this giant Mastiff that grabbed Lola by the neck and started shaking her like a stuffed animal and I thought she was dead.” said Dave Lacey.Lacey was injured pulling Lola away.“I tried to get in there to get the dog’s mouth open and punched it in the face and finally it released Lola. I got the dog in the car, she was bleeding, I was bleeding.”The Lacey’s had been bringing their beagles to the Stoney Creek mountain dog park every day after work for a year, and they were completely surprised by the attack.The information they hurriedly got from the attacking dogs owner turned out to be wrong.“He just kept saying, ‘he’s never done that before.’ It didn’t really matter, he was doing it.”Lexi has stitches on her belly and her back and because they couldn’t find the owner to confirm vaccinations, Dave is getting painful rabies shots.Had the Lacey’s gotten the owners ID or licence plate, the city would have investigated.Animal Control says attacks are few and far between but its a good idea to look carefully at the dogs in the park and be comfortable before you enter.The rules posted at the dog park say dogs have to be closely monitored, they can’t bother people, and dogs that become aggressive have to leave.

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