Musgrave trial continues

00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 A witness at the Brandon Musgrave murder trial testified Friday that she made eye contact with Musgrave at the house party where he died before two men on trial started shooting their guns. Musgrave was shot in the head.Her identity has been protected by a court ban, but she says she also met one of the men now charged with killing Musgrave and wounding two others that night. She also testified that Tyrone Chambers gave her a different name. She said Chambers was flirting with her harmlessly earlier in the night but then he became angry over the refusal of another partygoer to change the music. She watched him take a sock-covered gun out of his pocket, wave it around, and say, ‘I can end this party right now.’ She saw Chambers’ friend, the other accused Joshua Warner, pull out a gun, and then she saw Musgrave get hit in the head with a bullet and land at her feet. Friends didn’t see Musgrave’s injury until they pulled off his hat, and the blood poured. Court heard similar testimony earlier from Ted Tsibu-Darkoh, who was shot in the upper shoulder. Pictures of his blood-covered white t-shirt, bloody shoes, and the bullet have become court exhibits.

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