Othmani Breaks Silence Govt Will Meet Rif Protest Demands Stability Important

Rabat – The Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani has finally broken his silence over the ongoing protests in city of Al Hoceima and neighboring areas in the Rif region.During a government council meeting on Thursday, El Othmani said that the “issue of Al Hoceima is always on the government’s agenda,” adding that the focus has been on following up the development projects in the region.“Ministers went there to oversee the realizations of the projects that have been launched before. Some are behind schedule; others are running according to the timetable. These projects are strategic. The construction of a hospital doesn’t happen overnight,” he said. El Othmani promised to meet “protesters’ demands as quickly and duly as possible.”“I urge the ministers whose departments are in charge of projects in the region, whether we are talking about housing, health, transportation, agriculture and maritime fishing to efficiently follow up these projects,” said El Ohmani. “It is important to positively react to the citizen’s demands wherever they are, especially in the city of Al Hoceima today. That’s the government’s preoccupation.”On the other hand, the Head of Government stressed on the importance of “protecting public and private property and the country’s security and stability.”“It is paramount that we preserve our country’ security because this is something that everyone benefits from,” he said.

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