More Music Is Being Listened To By More People Than Ever Before

first_imgA new analysis about the state of music consumption in the United States during 2016 has been released by BuzzAngle Music, revealing that more music is being listened to by more people than ever before. While it’s certainly an exciting time for music, despite the industry’s physical and digital drops in sales, music is increasingly more accessible due to the availability of free/low-cost streaming services.According to the report, audio stream consumption increased from 82.6% to 250B streams in the last year. “Both album sales and song sales continued to decline but the transition to these new access methods has shown to provide overall growth and a sustainable business model for the future,” the report details.The overall consumption of music in the United States rose by a whopping 4.2% over 2015’s figures. Because of the ease that streaming services provide, over 28 million unique songs were played compared to seven million unique songs that were purchased. Beyond just being easy, streaming services offer a non-committed relationship between the music and the listener. It gives people the opportunity to taste before taking the bite, to see if they are interested before going any further. In a way, streaming services may have boosted the music industry to spread artists’ music to people that would have otherwise never been acquainted. It will be fascinating to see how this trend continues in 2017, and how it might perhaps affect live music ticket sales.You can read the full report, which includes statistics on consumption, top artists, albums, songs, and more, here.last_img

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