Study finds e-cigarette flavors may cause heart problems

first_imgResearchers at Stanford University’s cardiovascular institute have published a study reporting that the flavoring in e-cigarettes may have the potential to cause heart problems.The study reported that while e-cigarettes have been shown to lower the risk of lung cancer in long-time smokers, there are still unique risk associated with the chemicals being inhaled with the water vapor.Curious about what risk may be associated with e-cigarettes, researchers began testing the chemical flavoring against human blood cells and how the cells react to them.The study was conducted on the blood of smokers, non-smokers, and found that in all cases, vaping flavors, even without nicotine, caused blood vessel dysfunction which can cause a heart problem.Cinnamon and menthol flavors seemed to cause the most damage to the cells, however, scientist reported that all the flavors caused some damage and and or inflammation to the cells making them less able to form new blood vessels or heal wounds.Dr. Jane Freedman of the University of Massachusetts reported that while small laboratories are unable to completely detect the harm that could be caused by e-Cigarette flavors, the study should be enough to get the conversation started about what risk e-cigarettes can cause and get other researchers interested in finding out the facts.Vaping was first invented to help smokers kick the habit but has since become a trend among non-smokers and teens despite the lack of research into it’s long-term effects.last_img read more

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